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Lastline Defender™ delivers the cybersecurity industry’s highest fidelity insights into advanced threats entering or operating in your network. It protects your cloud and hybrid environments as well, giving you unparalleled visibility into threats across your diverse network.

Lastline Defender’s unique approach leverages AI that incorporates both network traffic and malicious behaviors. Using a more comprehensive data set enables Lastline Defender to detect protocol and traffic anomalies, and automatically recognize malicious network behaviors and previously unknown malware.

Learn about our innovative technology and how we use AI to defeat advanced threats. Watch our video to see just what we mean by AI Done Right.

Lastline Upcoming Events

FS-ISAC 2019 Annual Summit
April 28—May 01, 2019
Orlando, FL
Come hear Giovanni Vigna,  Lastline's co-founder, present AI: Security Savior or Over-hyped Gimmick. This presentation will define what AI is and what is necessary for it to be implemented as part of an effective security solution.

InfoSecurity Europe
June 04—06, 2019
London, UK
Lastline returns to London to show off our latest innovations for the European market. Please stop by our stand (K125) to see first hand how we detect advanced threats attempting to enter and operating within your network.

BlackHat 2019
August 06—08, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
There's nothing like Vegas in August. So, stay inside and stop by our booth to see how we train AI on both network traffic and malicious behavior to discern between real threats and benign network anomalies. And don't miss co-founder Giovanni Vigna's Shellphish hacking team in the DefCon CTF competition.

Lastline execs are regular presenters at industry events. Check out our schedule of speaking engagements.

Lastline Spotlight

How Next-Generation AI-Powered Threat Intelligence can protect Your Email and Networks

Expert Insights published an interview with Lastline Threat Intel Director, Andy Norton on how businesses can protect their networks from threats like phishing attacks.

2019 Malscape Monitor Report

Our latest benchmark report provides guidance on the levels of malicious activity impacting cyber resilience in corporate networks.

Mitigating Business Risk and Driving Business Value with Behavior-Based AI Security

This 2019 IDC Vendor Spotlight  examines the advances in and recent uses of AI in cybersecurity as well as the role of Lastline in this important market.

Can Smart Lighting Beat a Hacker?
Read this article by Andy Norton (Lastline Threat Intel) on how machine learning can boost IoT security.
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