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Network Security

Lastline Defender™ delivers the cybersecurity industry’s highest fidelity insights into advanced threats entering or operating in your network. It protects your cloud and hybrid environments as well, giving you unparalleled visibility into threats across your diverse network.

Lastline Defender’s unique approach leverages AI that incorporates both network traffic and malicious behaviors. Using a more comprehensive data set enables Lastline Defender to detect protocol and traffic anomalies, and automatically recognize malicious network behaviors and previously unknown malware.

Threat Intelligence

The Lastline® Behavioral Intelligence Program delivers threat data, trends, and analysis that improves your cybersecurity team’s ability to protect your organization against advanced attacks and network breaches. Lastline security experts investigate attacks and publish unique, actionable information about the latest malware and threats in the form of targeted alerts and detailed reports.

The result is complete threat detection and the elimination of false positives, allowing your security team to respond faster to threats and automate threat response workflows.

This is AI Done Right.

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Lastline named Gamechanger of the Year

ACQ5 honor companies that are truly world class in the way they are run and in the services they deliver.

Stop focusing your information security efforts on the wrong things!

Lastline Senior SE, Jeff Michael’s article explains where to focus limited resources to provide the best possible security.

AI in Cybersecurity: What is Hype and What is Real?

Much of the excitement surrounding AI is just hype. It is time for a reality check: what can AI do and what can it not?

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Lastline honored in US as Gamechanger of the Year and Technology Company of the Year in Network Security
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