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Criminals are creating new malicious campaigns exploiting the current COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, organizations can ill afford to be brought down by a cyberattack.

We’d like to help.

We’re donating the use of our Lastline Analyst product to identify these attacks.

Lastline’s Network Detection and Response Platform

Detect and contain sophisticated cyber threats before they disrupt your business.

We Understand What’s At Stake

Why Lastline? Because you can rely on Lastline to help you secure your network against cyber attacks and avoid the loss of data, customers, and reputation.

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Matt King, VP of Global IT Security, Belcan

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Lastline Defender Demo: Mapping to MITRE ATT&CK

Watch our demo on how Lastline Defender maps intrusions to MITRE ATT&CK for better threat detection that a SOC can act on.
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5 Cyberattacks That You Would Miss Without AI

Given the sophistication of threats, AI may not just be a viable solution, it might be the only solution. Read how specific combinations of AI techniques are needed to detect these advanced attacks. (No registration needed.)

SOC Visibility Triad Recommended by Industry Analyst

Learn why SOCs need Network Detection and Response (NDR) as a complementary solution with their existing SIEM and EDR technology.

Our Plan to

Get You Started

  • Schedule a Demonstration See how Lastline Defender detects threats and automates response
  • Connect Your Data Sources Identify data sources and set up your Proof of Concept trial
  • Protect Your Network Start protecting your data, IP and employees from sophisticated attacks.