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Lastline Email Defender-Cloud

Eliminate advanced threats hiding in O365 Mail and Gmail messages

Lastline Email Defender:
Stop the Advanced Threats That Slip Past Your Existing Email Security

Lastline® Email Defender™ is an additional layer of defense that delivers unmatched protection for both cloud and customer-managed email deployments. It blocks the advanced threats that are engineered to defeat your existing email security.

Breach Defender:

Automatically detect and respond to advanced threats

Lastline Breach Defender™ is an innovative network threat analytics solution that combines AI-driven network analytics with industry-leading sandbox technology to deliver complete visibility into advanced threats operating in your network. This allows your security operations staff to quickly understands the scope of any threat, including compromised systems, communication between local and external systems, and data sets accessed.

Threat Intelligence

The Lastline Behavioral Intelligence Program delivers threat data, trends, and analysis that improves your security team’s ability to protect your organization against advanced malware-based attacks and network breaches. Lastline security experts investigate attacks and publish unique, actionable information about the latest malware and threats in the form of real-time tracking, targeted alerts, and detailed reports.

Lastline in the Spotlight

How security pros see the future of cryptocurrencies and cryptomining

Our survey conducted at RSA 2018 generated a lot of coverage, including this article in HelpNetSecurity. The study covered cryptocurrencies, ransomware, and IoT.

Malscape Snapshot: Finance

Our analysis of recent attacks show that criminals are upping their game with sophisticated keyloggers. The snapshot also contrasts threats targeting finance to global data reported in the Malscape Monitor Report.

New Maltoon: Adwind

Our newest Maltoon™ describes Adwind information stealing malware. The full infographic and our other Maltoons are available on our Threat Intelligence page.

Industry Leaders Trust Lastline

Lastline Survey: Practice What you Preach?

Our Infosecurity 2018 survey highlights how security pros often don’t follow their own advice.

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