Trusted by global enterprises to defend against targeted, evasive, and zero-day attacks.

The Software Platform For Security Breach Detection

Lastline’s unique approach to breach detection is the culmination of more than ten years of R&D specifically focused on advanced and evasive breach weaponry and tactics. The result is a software-based platform designed to integrate breach detection capabilities seamlessly into your existing security portfolio.


Catch Evasive Malware That Others Miss

Evasive Malware has evolved to bypass not only traditional security, but also first-generation APT detection technologies. Lastline's sandbox emulates the entire machine, providing unparalled ability to detect evasive malware.


Focus on the Breach Signals that Matter

By linking together the various stages of the attack chain, Lastline is able to increase the confidence in scores assigned to breach signals in your network. Signals are prioritized by score to reduce noise and save incident responders time.

Shutdown Data Security Breaches

Proactively Detect and Shutdown Breaches

Automatically block known threats and malicious outbound communication including botnet activity, command-and-control sessions, data theft, and network-based lateral movement attempts.


Integrate with Security Infrastructure via APIs

Push blocking rules to NGFWs, send breach events to SIEMs, block in-line with IPSs, add advanced malware understanding to SWGs and more. Lastline's open architecture lets you use what you have — there's no need to rip and replace.


Gain Full Attack Chain Visibility

Detailed analysis of the entire attack chain connects drive-by exploitation with malicious downloads and command and control traffic, increasing confidence in the accurate identification of active breaches.

Advanced Threat Breach Detection for MSSPs

MSSP-friendly Platform with Multi-tenancy and Robust API

Complement your traditional managed security services, provision your service in hours, and provide breach detection — hosted by Lastline or in your private cloud — to maximize your margins and expand service reach.

Lower TCO for Breach Detection and Advanced Threat Protection

Lower Your TCO for Breach Detection

Hardware independence, virtual sensor support, and predictable per-user licensing allow you to cover your entire enterprise and scale coverage for free.

Customize Indicators of Compromise for Advanced Threat Attacks

Customize Indicators of Compromise that Matter to You

Import custom IDS/IPS rules, YARA rules, and threat intelligence to adjust environment for analysis and defend against threats specific to your organization.

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NSS Labs Recommended

Lastline Recommended by NSS in 2015 BDS Report

Independent Lab Recommends Lastline for Superior Security Effectiveness and Overall Value with Excellent Security Effectiveness against Advanced Attacks.

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Evasive Malware’s Gone Mainstream Report for RSA Conference 2015

Report: Evasive Malware’s Gone Mainstream

Using Lastline Labs data, we report an alarming 2x growth trend for advanced targeted attacks that use evasive malware from January to December in 2014.

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IP EXPO Europe 2015

IP EXPO Europe 2015

Going to London for IP EXPO Europe? Make sure to catch Dr. Marco Cova's seminar on sandboxing for environmentally-aware and evasive malware.

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