A Good Day to Say Thanks to Your IT Team

A Good Day to Say Thanks to Your IT Team

“Ever wonder how technology professionals manage to keep up with the ever-changing world of IT? It’s mind boggling really. Whatever the future brings, IT pros always find a way to make it work. Not a minute passes when organizations and end users don’t benefit from their ability to solve and evolve. On IT Pro Day, we salute all technology professionals for staying one step ahead, keeping us connected, productive, and ready for what comes next.”

IT Pro Day’19

On this 5th annual IT Professionals’ Day, created by SolarWinds to recognize the venerable technology professionals who toil endlessly to keep the systems we all depend on up and running, let’s take a moment to say thanks.

Beyond a card, a tweet, or a catered lunch, what else can security pros do to lend a hand to our friends in IT and foster a better relationship?

Even though security teams are overtaxed, overextended, and chasing alert after alert, taking some time to regularly meet with your IT pro coworkers in both a professional and a personal setting can pay substantial dividends.

Understand the IT Perspective

While many security pros started out in IT, the IT environment is constantly evolving. Having regular chats with IT does two things: it helps you understand new challenges and better empathize with IT pros trying to solve them, and this new knowledge indirectly expands your ability to better secure the IT environment.

Establish Common Ground

IT and security often perceive that they have competing priorities. IT cares about service delivery and may see security efforts to minimize risk as slowing down projects or impeding service performance. Closer collaboration with IT can help you reduce conflict and develop solutions that minimize tradeoffs.

Create Trust

You build a trusting relationship with your IT colleague one step at a time. Remember to listen, show respect, and act with integrity in every interaction.

Build Rapport

Having regular social outings, even if it’s a coffee or a beer once in a while, builds a whole different type of rapport: we’re all in this boat together, and when it springs a leak, it’s a lot easier to bail things out together!

So today, do say thanks to your IT coworkers an let them know how much you truly appreciate what they do for you and your organization. But, don’t just stop there. Build an on-going relationship every single day.

Richard Henderson

Richard Henderson

Richard Henderson is Head of Global Threat Intelligence, where he is responsible for trend-spotting, industry-watching, and evangelizing the unique capabilities of Lastline’s technologies. He has nearly two decades of experience and involvement in the global hacker community and discovers new trends and activities in the cyber-underground. He is a researcher and regular presenter at conferences and events and was lauded by a former US DHS undersecretary for cybersecurity as having an “insightful view” on the current state of cybersecurity. Richard was one of the first researchers in the world to defeat Apple’s TouchID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S. He has taught courses on radio interception techniques multiple times at the DEFCON hacker conference. Richard is a regular writer and contributor to many publications including BankInfoSecurity, Forbes, Dark Reading, and CSO.
Richard Henderson