Advanced Malware Protection Requires a Multipronged Solution

Advanced Malware Protection Requires a Multipronged Solution


Sophisticated malware uses multiple attack vectors or routes to gain access to computer systems and networks. To be effective today, malware detection solutions must identify malicious code originating from all possible entry points.

An attack vector is a path or means by which a hacker or malware can gain access to a computer or network. Advanced malware can enter an organization via many different vectors. Some attacks, such as advanced persistent threats, will often utilize multiple routes simultaneously.

Common attack vectors include:

  • Email and IM: When users unknowingly, unintentionally, or through deception open a malicious attachment or click on a link to a malicious web site
  • Browsing the web: When users connect to a web site that has been infected with malware
  • Social Media: Malicious social networking sites or pages that are engineered to get unsuspecting users to click on a piece of content that delivers malware
  • Account takeover: When attackers log into victim’s user accounts using stolen or hacked IDs and passwords, and then install malware or perform unauthorized tasks
  • Mobile devices: When outside the protection of the corporate environment, laptops, tablets, phones, and other mobile devices can be infected, and then spread their malware when they later connect to the corporate network

Monitor both entry points and internal systems 

Not only must organizations deploy solutions to monitor and protect all possible entry points or attack vectors, they must implement products capable of detecting malware that has already made its way into the network via infected user laptops or other mobile devices.

Unfortunately, the majority of anti-malware products are designed to focus on a single attack vector or monitoring point. This means that organizations must deploy multiple products to cover the various areas, leaving security analysts with a disjointed, uncoordinated, and incomplete set of tools.

To make matters worse, most anti-malware products are simply not capable of detecting today’s sophisticated malware.

Advanced malware protection and Integration

Lastline addresses these issues by providing an advanced malware detection solution that detects modern evasive malware across the entire network. In addition to our own network sensors and technologies, our rich integration capabilities work with and leverage your existing malware tools to provide full coverage across all attack vectors and monitoring points.

The result is a comprehensive and advanced malware detection solution, complete with coordinated security information and effective tools for your analysts.

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