AI is Not a Job Killer – AI Will Create Far More Jobs Than it Replaces

AI is Not a Job Killer – AI Will Create Far More Jobs Than it Replaces

(Excerpt from an article by John DiLullo published in Dark Reading)

ai jobs FITeaching a machine to think like a human is the promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using that narrow definition, it only naturally follows that AI’s future could ultimately include the idling of countless workers.

These concerns about job loss are, in my opinion, unfounded. While someday in the distant future AI systems may start to approach the holy grail of emulating the thought process of a human, today’s capabilities put AI squarely in the category of a beneficial, time-saving tool, not a human replacement.

Computer’s Impact on Workers

Sure there were some industries where machines replace people. Think automated looms and robots building cars. But AI is different. AI enables the creation of work products that often cannot be replicated by any countless number of able-bodied humans.

The question is not how many people will lose their job as a result of AI, but how can people learn to use AI as a tool to improve the quality of human existence?

A good example is the invention of the modern spreadsheet in the 1970s. Before the introduction of VisiCalc – the first spreadsheet for personal computers – people had to create forecasts, budgets, and other computation-rich models by hand. The spreadsheet made these numerical models easy to create and modify.

But did this result in large job losses? Obviously not. It made financial analysts and others more efficient, more productive. What the spreadsheet really did was to elevate their thinking to spend more time on the real problems they were solving, instead of the manual, laborious effort of endless calculations.

New Jobs Created by AI

The same concept applies to AI. It is a tool that people need to learn how to use and how to apply to what they’re already doing. New jobs are already being created that are focused on applying AI to security, improving underlying AI techniques, and on maintaining these new tools.

A plethora of new jobs will emerge for those with expertise in applying core AI technology to new fields and applications. Experts will be needed to determine the best type of AI (e.g. expert systems or machine learning), to use for a particular application, develop and train the models, and maintain and re-train the systems as needed. In fields such as security, where vendors have empowered security software with AI, it’s up to users – the security analysts – to understand the new capabilities and put them to be the best possible use.

Education is another field where AI is creating new jobs. Currently, across the US, the top two positions in the list of academic openings are for Security and Machine Learning experts. Universities simply don’t have enough people and can’t find professors to teach these critically important subjects.

Embrace AI as an Enabler, not a Job Killer

To conclude, AI presents a tremendous opportunity for enterprising people. Employees have the opportunity to dive into a new field and abstract their job to a new, higher level of analysis and strategic value. Employers need to support these moves and generally stay open to employees reinventing themselves as they embrace new technologies such as AI.

AI must be embraced as a new tool that will continue to have a profound impact on security and other fields. But it’s not something to be feared as a job killer. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

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John DiLullo

John DiLullo

John DiLullo has nearly 30 years of demonstrated success in enterprise security, networking, cloud, and AI, plus go-to-market expertise spanning sales, marketing, customer success, technical support, and operations. His career includes extensive time domestically and abroad with market leaders such as Cisco Systems, Avaya, SonicWall, and Aruba Networks serving customers large and small through traditional and emerging channels. Prior to joining Lastline, John was the EVP for F5 Network’s $2B+ Worldwide Sales and Customer Operations, delivering improved application performance and security solutions to Enterprise and Service Provider data centers and public cloud environments. John is an avid technologist, an author, an entrepreneur, an innovator, and an accomplished public speaker.
John DiLullo