Effective Malware Detection Requires Deep Enterprise Integration

Effective Malware Detection Requires Deep Enterprise Integration


Today’s advanced malware will attack at multiple locations throughout an enterprise. To be effective, powerful malware detection capabilities must be integrated throughout an organization’s entire network and security infrastructure.  

Malware uses many routes or attack vectors to gain access to an organization’s networks and data. Common attack vectors include malicious emails and downloads, compromised websites, and infected user laptops, phones, or other devices. To be effective against advanced malware, an organization must have strong defenses in place at each of these entry points throughout their enterprise. 

There are a number of defensive tools that can help look for malware, including:

  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
  • Secure Email Gateways
  • Secure Network Gateways
  • SSL Decryption Appliances
  • Endpoint Security Systems
  • Security and Information Event Management (SIEM)
  • Security Analytics Systems

While these conventional security products may have basic malware detection capabilities, none of them are able to identify the latest and most sophisticated type of attacks. That requires a solution like Lastline that has been specifically designed to detect new and advanced forms of malware. 

Lastline recognized early on that deep integration with an organization’s existing security tools was absolutely critical. An organization’s firewalls, IPS, secure gateways, and other products must be able to augment their own malware detection features with a more powerful solution. 

That’s why Lastline a) designed our solution with powerful APIs enabling virtually any security tool or management system to use it as a resource; and b) established deep integrations with leading security vendors and their products.

Lastline’s rich set of integration features and long list of fully integrated products allow our customers to quickly and effectively address all malware attack vectors. This level of deep integration is essential if businesses are to be protected from modern advanced malware.

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