International MSSP Chooses Lastline for APT Protection — Case Study

International MSSP Chooses Lastline for APT Protection — Case Study

Cellopoint, an international managed security service provider based in Taiwan, is a leading manufacturer of information security and email lifecycle management products. They specialize in anti-spam, security defense, mail auditing and archiving solutions for email.

The Challenge

Cellopoint’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) product provides four layers of protection, including anti-spam and distinguished anti-virus engines. However, the security company quickly came to realize that traditional, signature-based methods were not going to be sufficient in providing complete protection to their end-users. They needed a solution that could reliably defend against malware designed to bypass traditional, first-generation defenses.

“Although we provide our customers with a multi-layered defense system, we began to realize it was no longer a sufficient stand-alone tool to protect against all types of existing threats. We needed a product that could detect and stop emerging and evasive malware as well.”

The Solution

Cellopoint began looking for an APT solution that could interoperate with their UTM system. They initially chose Lastline’s platform because it could be easily integrated with their existing solution. After working with the Lastline platform first-hand, and recognizing the flexibility and scalability a software-based solution inherently has, Cellopoint decided to not only add another module to their UTM product, but also to offer a host-based solution to their end-users.

“Lastline offered us a solution that made sense for our business model. Easy implementation and multi-tenant architecture allowed us to provide the email protection to our end-users that they desire. The solution checked all of our boxes. And then some.”

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