Lastline Defender for Microsoft Azure is Now Live on the Azure Marketplace!

Lastline Defender for Microsoft Azure is Now Live on the Azure Marketplace!

Defender Microsoft Azure is live

According to Gartner, over 80% of enterprises follow a multicloud strategy. “Most organizations adopt a multicloud strategy out of a desire to avoid vendor lock-in or to take advantage of best-of-breed solutions”. At the same time, securing cloud environments remains a significant obstacle — Gartner predicts that “Through 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.”

One of the main challenges organizations face is how to deploy workloads in multiple public cloud platforms and keep them secure without having to invest in multiple products. This is why we are so excited to announce that Lastline Defender is now live on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Along with Lastline Defender in the AWS Marketplace, Lastline now provides the industry’s leading network detection and response (NDR) platform in one integrated solution for cloud and on-premises networks.

Flexible Deployment

Our new Azure release, combined with our recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Ingress Routing  availability gives customers a wide range of options to deploy Lastline Defender for public cloud security, including:

VNet Analysis (Azure Security): Delivers in-line, full packet (DPI) visibility into any malicious content and anomalous activity in both “north/south” and “east/west” traffic.

Ingress Routing (AWS Security): Delivers in-line, full packet (DPI) visibility into any malicious content in the ingress/egress traffic between the Internet and cloud workloads (“north/south” traffic).

VPC Traffic Mirroring (AWS Security): Inspects traffic between VPCs as well as within a VPC for malicious content (“east/west” traffic).

VPC Flow Log Analysis (AWS Security): Analyzes VPC flows for network anomalies, connection anomalies, and data transfer anomalies (“east/west” traffic).

Unmatched Visibility

A survey by Cybersecurity Insiders shows that visibility into infrastructure security is one of the top three security challenges for public clouds. Lastline Defender provides complete visibility of malicious activity entering and operating within your Azure and AWS environments so that organizations can detect and contain threats faster such as:

  • Exploits Targeting Cloud Workloads — Prevent attacks against vulnerable applications and services in public clouds.
  • Malicious Lateral Traffic — Detect when an attacker scans for other workloads, prevent discover of additional services, and block lateral movement and connection to an unusual port.
  • Data Exfiltration — Detect and block anomalous data access before a bad actor can exfiltrate the data.

One Integrated Solution

Customers will be able to deploy Lastline’s NDR platform across their on-premises network, Azure, and AWS environments without the need to install agents.  Customers can manage all environments from a single console to reduce management complexity and maintain a consistent security posture regardless of where their data lives.

Deploying one solution for on-premises, Azure and AWS also helps to correlate and assess the impact of threats across these environments which, in turn, helps customers minimize the impact of a data breach.

Next Steps

Read our data sheet for more details on Lastline Defender for Cloud.

Try Lastline Defender on the Azure Marketplace or the AWS Marketplace.