Lastline Donating File and Artifact Analysis Service

Lastline Donating File and Artifact Analysis Service

We understand that during these difficult times one’s cyber security duties do not simply stop; in many cases they become even more essential. Far-flung teams find themselves working from home in unsecure environments and often using unmanaged computing devices. Security teams are short-staffed and burning the candle at both ends just trying to stay afloat. But, for cyber criminals, it’s party time. 

We want to help.

Beginning today through June 30, Lastline is donating the use of its Lastline Analyst product to all businesses and organizations. Lastline Analyst is the highest fidelity malware and breach detection product on the market – and during this crisis, we are making it available to everyone – at no cost.  

Our threat researchers continue to monitor global network traffic and have observed a dramatic uptick in attacks targeting critical businesses and organizations, including many of those whose operation is crucial for public health and safety. Attackers hope to catch an employee off-guard or compromise a distracted security team. Lastline Analyst helps to neutralize this threat.

Cyber criminals thrive on chaos. They understand the limitations of tools that rely on signature recognition and they routinely employ a range of transformation techniques altering files and the way they behave to avoid detection.  Their tradecraft includes:

  • Permutations that make slight alterations to critical elements of malicious code
  • Registry alterations that inhibit detection by 3rd party tools
  • Malicious code insertions that change a file hash to overcome native detection mechanisms used by most firewall and endpoint products
  • Code obfuscation techniques that deviously hide malicious code in plain sight

Lastline Analyst provides threat analysts and incident response teams with the advanced malware isolation and inspection environment they need to safely detonate and classify advanced threats.

Security teams gets the benefit of Lastline’s years of research on evasive malware. Lastline Analyst helps lighten the load for one’s security team and lends a true helping hand during these troubling times.

Learn more about Lastline Analyst.

If you’d like to accept a donation of the use of Lastline Analyst, with no obligation, please click here

John DiLullo

John DiLullo

John DiLullo has nearly 30 years of demonstrated success in enterprise security, networking, cloud, and AI, plus go-to-market expertise spanning sales, marketing, customer success, technical support, and operations. His career includes extensive time domestically and abroad with market leaders such as Cisco Systems, Avaya, SonicWall, and Aruba Networks serving customers large and small through traditional and emerging channels. Prior to joining Lastline, John was the EVP for F5 Network’s $2B+ Worldwide Sales and Customer Operations, delivering improved application performance and security solutions to Enterprise and Service Provider data centers and public cloud environments. John is an avid technologist, an author, an entrepreneur, an innovator, and an accomplished public speaker.
John DiLullo