Lastline Interoperates with HP TippingPoint for Robust Advanced Malware Protection

Lastline Interoperates with HP TippingPoint for Robust Advanced Malware Protection

Lastline recently announced interoperability with HP TippingPoint’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) via HP’s Security Management System (SMS).

This blog post is intended to provide more specifics on how Lastline’s advanced malware protection platform interoperates with HP TippingPoint products, to offer best-of-breed network security against both known and unknown advanced threats.


Option Partnership Lastline HP TippingPoint
1 Interoperabilty Network Intelligence Stop Inbound Threats
2 Co-Sell  Network and Object Intelligence Stop Inbound Threats and Outbound Leaks

Lastline’s Threat Intelligence contains a massive knowledge base of network and object cyber threats identified as advanced persistent threats (APT), zero-day exploits, evasive malware, and other cyber threats that cannot be detected by traditional signature-based approaches.  Lastline provides viable options to complement HP TippingPoint products.

Option 1 (Interoperability):

Lastine’s “network” Threat Intelligence (which identifies command and control [C&C] systems, infected hosts and various sources that distribute advanced malware) is shared with HP TippingPoint SMS, leveraging the HP TippingPoint Advanced Threat application programming interface (API).  Security personnel can utilize Lastline’s network Threat Intelligence to update security policies on the HP TipppingPoint NGFW and IPS via HP TippingPoint SMS to stop inbound advanced threats.

Option 2 (Co-Sell Opportunities):

Lastline’s “network” and “object” Threat Intelligence is shared with Lastline’s Manager and cross references findings that the Lastline Sensor gathers from the network (typically deployed behind the HP TippingPoint NGFW and IPS).  The Lastline Sensor monitors network traffic transparently.  If the Sensor identifies known malicious network activity, the Lastline Manager correlate individual events into high level network infections.  The Sensor can extract objects (attachments) for further analysis to be conducted by the Lastline Engine via the Lastline Manager.  The Lastline Engine, utilizing a next-generation sandbox, will inspect objects using full-system emulation, to identify unknown advance malware, such as zero-day exploits, APTs and evasive malware.  Security personnel can use this information to modify security policies on HP TippingPoint NGFW and IPS for in-line blocking of inbound threats and outbound leaks.

With Lastline and HP TippingPoint, businesses can get full visibility on known and unknown advanced malware, APTs, zero-day, and evasive cyber threats.