Lastline – Up and Running with PhishMe in Sixty Seconds

Lastline – Up and Running with PhishMe in Sixty Seconds

At Lastline we take great pride in our partnerships and ability to integrate with other security tools. For example, with more than 90 percent of data breaches attributed to phishing schemes, our partnership with PhishMe provides a critical degree of added protection against such attacks.

Lastline was designed from the beginning to 1) make it easy for security vendors to add advanced malware detection to their products; and 2) enable businesses to start using Lastline within seconds.

As a confirmation of Lastline’s success in realizing these objectives, I just witnessed an organization configure PhishMe Triage to use our advanced malware detection. The entire process took less than sixty seconds. In only one minute, the company added protection from the most advanced and evasive forms of malware.

Setup was easy, only requiring the security administrator to enter:

  • An email address
  • Custom host name (either on-site or a hosted site)
  • API credentials as provided by Lastline
  • The list of file types to be evaluated by Lastline (.pdf, exe, docx, pptx, javascript, html, urls, etc.)

After entering the above data, Lastline immediately began analyzing the specified objects, returning results for every url or file it evaluated. In addition to a risk score between zero and one hundred, additional details provide specific malicious capabilities like:

  • Modifying windows initialization files
  • Registering for autostart
  • Dynamic code building to enhance evasion capabilities
  • Executing a dropped file
  • Spawining Powershells
  • Dozens of additional malicious capabilities

Lastline’s integration with PhishMe is a great example of how easy it is for businesses to add advanced malware detection to their existing security tools.

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