Lastline’s New Release Enhances Advanced Malware Detection

Lastline’s New Release Enhances Advanced Malware Detection

Lastline's New Release Lastline Enterprise Spring 2017

Lastline’s new release of our flagship product, Lastline Enterprise adds a number of capabilities, including early warning of unusual or suspicious network activity, detection of browser-based attacks, and accelerated incident investigation.

Lastline’s New 2017 Release

It’s always an exciting event when we announce a new version of Lastline Enterprise. The spring 2017 release has been particularly well received by our customers and industry thought leaders.

There’s a lot of new features, but here’s a few of the major enhancements:

Rapid detection of browser-based exploits

The new Web Threat Detection feature provides superior visibility into and protection from web threats that target browser vulnerabilities. It identifies browser-based exploits that can’t be detected by conventional sandbox, signature, or reputation-based technologies.

Faster incident response using shared global threat intelligence

The new release provides security professionals with expanded access to detailed malware Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) stored in the Lastline Global Threat Intelligence Network. Threats can be analyzed within the global threat context, including information about attack types, frequency, and alignment with an overall malware campaign.

Lastline customers can also receive alerts when IoCs matching user-defined criteria are detected by any Lastline customer or partner worldwide. For instance, security teams can be alerted when malware is identified that is designed to target their company.

Automated detection of anomalous network traffic

Lastline Enterprise can now detect suspicious network traffic and issue an alert to security analysts. Anomalous network behavior is often a precursor to data exfiltration, and detecting it enables security analysts to respond before suffering any data loss. Security analysts and network administrators will see how active traffic compares to historic norms, spotting anomalies that often are early indicators of compromised systems.

Lastline Enterprise also associates anomalous network traffic patterns with malware behavior, allowing for faster remediation of data breaches. Security professionals gain visibility into threats that violate individual security policies, target specific protocols, or attack a particular IP address range or device.

Examples of anomalous network traffic might include an unusually high volume of network traffic or a compromised system accessing files not normally accessed by that person.

For security analysts where every second counts, this release substantially expands malware detection capabilities and the immediate availability of threat intelligence data so they can quickly understand and respond to malware and potentially damaging data breaches.

Learn more about how Lastline Enterprise can help any organization fight advanced malware attacks.