Meet the Malware That Could be Wreaking Havoc in Your Network

Meet the Malware That Could be Wreaking Havoc in Your Network

Maltoons VirlockAs threats go, the threat of cybercrime is just as potent as any other form of crime. It’s fair to say that the average person is more likely to be embroiled in a case of stolen data or fraud than a violent crime, and the effects of cybercrime can be just as devastating to a business or an individual as those of more traditional crimes. So why do we struggle to explain its importance to the general public? It’s a question of visualization – we have images associated with physical crime…cybercrime less so.

Malware, for example, is all but invisible to most of us. It usually gets filed into that category of something we’ve heard of but can’t find the time to learn much about it, or even worse, “someone else’s problem.”

We Know Malware

At Lastline, we know malware. And this puts us in a unique position to bring it to life – to put a face on malware. As Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

About Maltoons

To that end, Lastline has created Maltoons: malware cartoons that illustrate the traits and characteristics of malicious software. We are sharing our expertise to help the general public understand and categorize malware strains or families with the goal of helping both companies and individuals understand how to defend themselves against cybercriminals.

Each Maltoon provides information about what it’s designed to do, where and when the malware originated, what operating systems or vertical industries it is currently targeting, as well as more technical information about encryption methods and the behaviors displayed.

The first three Maltoons depict:

  • Virlock – a polymorphic ransomware known for encrypting files that famously affected healthcare providers
  • Loki – an information stealing malware originating in an Excel spreadsheet
  • njRAT – the most active network malware of 2017 known for its surveillance capabilities


All are available now. We hope these will help to educate the wider community about cybersecurity threats and how to keep personal and corporate resources safe. After all, knowing your enemies is the best way to defeat them.

Download Maltoons

Going forward, Lastline will release a new Maltoon each month illustrating another malware strain. You have our permission, indeed our encouragement, to download them all and use them as part of your cybercrime education programs, such as sharing them via social media, in blog or media posts, or printed and hung throughout the office to raise awareness.

John Love

John Love

John Love has been in hi-tech marketing for over 30 years. After spending his first 18 years at Apple, he worked at Logitech and several startups, and has been in security since 2010.
John Love