National Media Conglomerate Chooses Lastline for APT Protection — Case Study

National Media Conglomerate Chooses Lastline for APT Protection — Case Study

The Challenge

Media organizations face a unique challenge when it comes to ensuring that their organization and users are protected. Security teams at this organization quickly began to realize that standard virus protection alone would not provide the coverage their customer base deserved.

“Our biggest security challenge is finding the right balance between freedom of access and total lock-down. As a large media and technology company our user base expects complete freedom, so providing them access to the Internet of Things safely is a big and evolving challenge.”

The Solution

The media organization reached out to several advanced malware protection and APT vendors, and trialed two solutions head-to-head, in order to weigh their options. They ultimately chose Lastline because Lastline Enterprise exceeded all of the strict requirements that had been established for their network protection.

“Lastline truly distinguished themselves from other vendors in the market with their forward-thinking approach to malware protection. They’ve provided a non-obvious solution to an obvious threat, by embracing that most attacks are socially engineered and no solution should rely on signature detection.”

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