About Lastline

Lastline® is revolutionizing the way companies protect their networks and email. Our AI-power network security solutions detect attacks and malicious network activity before suffering a costly data breach. And we enable you to do this with fewer resources and at lower cost than existing security tools.

In 2011, Drs. Engin Kirda, Christopher Kruegel, and Giovanni Vigna, three of the world’s most influential academic researchers in cybersecurity, founded Lastline. The company’s vision is informed by the founders’ world-renowned research on network security, malware analysis, and evasion techniques, academically-rooted rigor, innovative approaches to network breach protection, and a passion to improve enterprise cybersecurity.

Lastline’s unmatched level of visibility, accuracy, and effectiveness, and our focus on CISOs’ ever-increasing pressure to secure company networks and assets, has resulted in the company providing specific, actionable, context-rich threat intelligence and decreased data loss to many of the largest and most successful companies around the world.

Lastline Execs Speak Out on Security Challenges

If you’d like to get to know Lastline, what better way than hearing from our executives. CEO John DiLullo, CRO Greg Enriquez, and CMO Claire Trimble attended Gartner’s IT Symposium in Oct 2019. They share their key takeaways from the conference and what they heard about the challenges security teams are facing. They also describe how the Lastline Network Detection and Response platform can help, and how it’s different from other security tools.

Learn more about Lastline’s Network Detection and Response platform (TRT: 2:04).

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