Tradeshows & Conferences

SecureWorld Boston
March 27—28, 2019
Boston, MA
If you missed us at RSA, here's your chance to get a full update on our latest product capabilties. And be sure to seek out co-founder Engin Kirda who will be contributing his expertise to a panel discussion.

March 28—29, 2019
Austin, TX
Join us at BSIDES Austin to see how Lastline protects your cloud and hybrid environments, giving you comprehensive visibility into threats across your diverse network.

SecureWorld Philadelphia
April 10—11, 2019
Philadelphia, PA
Come to this event to learn how Lastline provides complete visibility into threats targeting your cloud data.

April 24, 2019
Washington, DC
Come to FutureCon to hear how AI-Powered Network Security delivers the cybersecurity industry’s highest fidelity insights into advanced threats entering your network.

FS-ISAC 2019 Annual Summit
April 28—May 01, 2019
Orlando, FL
Come hear Giovanni Vigna,  Lastline's co-founder, present AI: Security Savior or Over-hyped Gimmick. This presentation will define what AI is and what is necessary for it to be implemented as part of an effective security solution.

Speaking Engagements

Building a Better Mouse Trap (Emerging Threats)
March 27, 2019
Boston, MA

To be successful, as an industry, we must strive to get ahead of the bad guys. By taking a look at the capabilities of the threats we see today we should be able to make some educated guesses on what threats of tomorrow will look like. Join Lastline co-founder, Dr. Engin Kirda, for this discussion about what our adversaries' next steps might be.

Agent Drable and Stolen Certificates: Sloppy Means to a Precarious End
April 10, 2019
The Middle East features a hardly boring threat landscape, and Agent Drable might just be the latest implant operating in the region. In this talk Lastline security analysts Stefano Ortolani and Quentin Fois detail their investigation and present all the missteps collected so far: from anti-analysis techniques copied from public sources, to unexposed implant binaries featuring forgotten logging modules.

Cloudy With a Chance of Breach
April 10—11, 2019
Philadelphia, PA

Cloud boasts a secure, disaster proof option for companies to store their data offsite with access to that data from practically anywhere. So, who’s fault is it when the data is compromised? Lastline CEO, John DiLullo, will help to guide you through the pros and cons in migrating to the cloud as part of this panel discussion.

AI: Security Savior or Over-hyped Gimmick
April 29—May 01, 2019
Orlando, FL

Everywhere you look, someone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) as a possible silver bullet for cybersecurity and fraud prevention. But the technology can't possibly meet these lofty expectations. Please join Lastline Co-founder and CTO, Dr. Giovanni Vigna, to learn the current capabilities, the future potential, what it takes to effectively develop, train, and maintain an AI system, and the limitations of AI in cybersecurity.

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