Mission & Principles

Enabling Organizations to Prevent a Data Breach

What We Do

Our mission is to enable our customers to defend their organizations against advanced threats that cause costly data breaches.

Lastline® is dedicated to continuous innovation to provide the best defense against, and the most complete visibility into advanced threats and malicious behaviors. Our solutions rapidly detect the advanced threats that other security solutions miss, eliminating the risk of a data breach. Our customers save money and time while protecting their valuable data and brand reputation.

What We Believe

In pursuit of our mission, there are several “truths” and principles that reflect our core values and guide our path.

Data Security Breach, Data Breach Protection, Data Breach Prevention

We create value.

We provide value for our customers by enhancing enterprise security and protecting digital assets. We aspire to make the world a safer place, and in the process, create a successful business. Our goal is to deliver commercial value for our customers, for our shareholders, and for our employees. We strive for growth. We work hard to increase our customer base and capture market share. We want satisfied customers who recommend us to others, and who return year after year to renew their contracts.

We continuously innovate.

The threat landscape is rapidly evolving. Attackers constantly find new vulnerabilities, develop novel exploits, and devise sophisticated evasion techniques to bypass security solutions. This means that we cannot stand still. We must deliver superior breach detection solutions to stay ahead of bad actors. We continually question our assumptions, experiment with new ideas, and allow the data to speak for itself. We have a history of innovation, and we believe in the necessity of relentless evolution.

We get stuff done.

There is a lot to do. We work tirelessly to deliver results. We are tenacious, we don’t wait for others, and we conquer our obstacles. We strive to maximize the positive impact of everything we do. We value results over effort. We relish turning research into technology, shipping products, closing deals, executing marketing campaigns, supporting customers, and achieving operational excellence in all company departments. And, we are accountable. When we commit, we deliver.

We move fast.

We target short release cycles for our product and short sales cycles for new prospects. We believe that it’s important to build an agile organization that reacts quickly to the challenges of today’s rapidly changing threat landscape, and that delivers features much faster than any of our competitors. But, moving fast extends much beyond product releases. It’s important to respond quickly when our partners or customers have a question or a challenge. And, the same is true for internal communications and collaboration. We keep looking forward and inspire our colleagues to keep moving quickly by responding to their requests.

We automate.

Software is altering the workforce by replacing manual labor in many sectors. We can always refine and improve automated systems. Over time, their capabilities and speed will match, and eventually exceed, domain experts, delivering better results much faster. We must relentlessly seek the benefits of automated systems by maximizing automated threat detection, DevOps tools, and sales automation. Creating malware signatures by hand is unsustainable because there are not enough skilled security experts to sift through all the alerts, analyze and prioritize them. And, it simply takes too long to react to new threats as long as a human is in the critical path.

We communicate.

Our roots are in academia. We believe in an open environment where people should not be afraid to speak their minds. We take feedback seriously, from our customers and partners, but also from our employees. We believe in rational arguments; one should strive to offer proposals that are supported by data and not on unsubstantiated opinions. Communication is respectful and open. It’s incumbent on each individual to listen and speak effectively.

Data Breach Protection, Data Security Breach, Data Breach Prevention

We strive for excellence.

We want to build the best products in the industry, and we are proud of our technology. In security, it’s not always easy for customers to understand and evaluate the pros and cons of different solutions. We believe in substance, and we put the security of our customers first. We are open and willing to explain our approach without resorting to buzzwords or “silver bullet” solutions. And, we value excellence. We hire the best minds in the industry and value their contributions through recognition and compensation.

See how you can detect and contain sophisticated cyberthreats with Lastline, and regain control.