Lastline Supplier and Environmental Management Systems Policy

As a company, we at Lastline believe it is important to be good stewards of the earth and to do all we can to improve the world in which we live. To help us guide us in this journey, we have developed a code of principles with which we do business. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) helps guide us with regard to our overall impact on the Earth. Our Supplier Management System (SMS) guides our business practices with regard to the organizations we do business. Lastline encourages all suppliers and parties that have a direct contractual relationship with Lastline to adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Lastline Environmental Management System

Lastline’s Environmental Management System (EMS) is the framework the Company uses to comply with federal and state environmental laws and regulations and achieve our corporate environmental goals. A strong EMS enables our Company to successfully balance our consumption of natural resources with the protection of the environment.

Lastline Environmental Policy states:

The life of any business cannot be separated from its impact on the natural environment in which it operates. All Lastline employees take seriously our role in protecting and where possible, improving the environment and the quality of life of all the communities in which we operate. Wherever we do business, our activities will be consistent with sound environmental practices.

Therefore, we will manage our businesses according to the following principles:

  • Comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements
  • Understand and reduce, where practical, the environmental impacts of our activities, and demonstrate that understanding in the planning and executing of our work.
  • Establish objectives, guidelines and detailed procedures, as needed, to implement this policy.
  • Weigh potential environmental impact prior to transactions involving the sale, lease, transfer or purchase of assets.
  • Encourage employee participation in environmental protection and enhancement efforts on the job and in their daily lives.
  • Periodically review conformity with these principles to ensure compliance and identify areas to improve our performance.
  • Communicate our environmental values to all employees and interested stakeholders.

Lastline has not had any EPA violations; however, should that ever change, we will list those on this page as well as our plans for rectifying them.