About Lastline Labs

The future of security technology depends on the research of today.

Lastline Labs is the research and development arm of Lastline Inc., where some of the best minds in the academic community collaborate to advance novel technologies relevant to cyber security. Our team analyzes new security threats, vulnerabilities and hacking techniques as well as the evolution, proliferation and impact of advanced malware. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, our team consists of over 30 expert scientists and engineers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Lastline Labs enables Lastline Inc. to continue to develop cutting-edge technology to defend against evolving threats and shape the future of security.


The Lastline Labs team is led by award-winning, world-renowned university researchers, Engin Kirda, Christopher Kruegel and Giovanni Vigna. The trio are well known for their development of Anubis and Wepawet, cloud-based malware analysis tools with a user base in the tens of thousands. In 2011, Dr. Kirda, Dr. Kruegel and Dr. Vigna founded Lastline, Inc. with the goal of extending the relationship between industry and academia, and bringing their research to commercial standards. Dr. Kirda, Dr. Kruegel and Dr. Vigna are also the founders of iSecLab, an international system security research lab with an emphasis on web security, malware analysis, intrusion detection and vulnerability analysis. Each has published over a hundred scientific papers, and is considered to be a pioneer in the cyber security field.