IBM X-Force Exchange Integration

Add advanced threat protection to IBM’s suite of network protection solutions.

Lastline delivers advanced malware detection and threat intelligence to IBM X-Force Exchange platform

Lastline technology integration will provide unmatched advanced threat visibility and context into the IBM® X-Force® Exchange platform.  With this information at their fingertips, IBM customers can quickly automatically analyze or manually submit suspicious files in order to identify and respond to evasive malware in their network. In addition, the Lastline Global Threat Intelligence Network accelerates their ability to respond effectively to emerging threats by automatically making available to all customers the latest updates and behavioral details on malware strains and malware-based attacks.

How It Works

IBM X-Force Malware Analysis on Cloud – XGS automatically submits unknown objects to Lastline for in-depth malware analysis. In addition, IBM customers can use X-Force Malware Analysis on Cloud – Workbench to manually submit unknown objects and indicators of compromise (IOCs) to Lastline. Lastline will provide critical information about the specific behavior of each malware file, including detailed and comprehensive malware behavior, and specific network and endpoint IOCs.

Using X-Force Malware Analysis on Cloud – Workbench, IBM customers also can search the Lastline Global Threat Intelligence Network for IOCs collected across all Lastline customers and partners worldwide. These IOCs include IP information, domain and passive DNS, network activity, and linkages and associated malware.

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Custom Integrations

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