PhishMe Triage Integration

Elevating Phishing Incident Detection and Response

Lastline Analyst Integrates with PhishMe Triage

PhishMe Triage and Lastline Analyst work together to improve detection and response visibility and combat phishing attacks.


PhishMe Triage and Lastline Analyst integrate for advanced detection and response visibility into the greatest cybersecurity risk – spear phishing. With over 90% of data breaches attributed to phishing attacks, organizations need to adopt an integrated approach to security by layering both technology and human solutions to combat ever-evolving threats. The combination of empowered human defenders, PhishMe’s purpose-built phishing incident response solution, and Lastline’s global advanced malware analysis engine, results in security teams reducing phishing susceptibility. Security teams benefit by making the most of their security investments that enriches their solutions and maximizes their return on security investment.

How It Works

PhishMe Triage provides customers out-of-the-box capabilities to analyze suspicious email at ingestion. As emails are received by PhishMe Triage, they are automatically clustered together and prioritized. PhishMe Triage analyzes employee-reported email based on the attributes of the email through YARA rule matching, reputation of the employee reporting, threat intelligence, and combined malware analysis. With Lastline Analyst, mutual customers can choose to configure PhishMe Triage to send files hashes, URLs, and attachments to Lastline (hosted or on-premise) for analysis. Lastline Analyst detects and correlates thorough inspection of the contents and then provides analysts with reports that specify if the email is benign, suspicious, or malicious. Quickly, customers can determine if the reported email was designed with malicious intent. Attributes of reported email can be streamlined and incorporated into the security team’s workflow to alert and take decisive action.

The analysis results produced by Lastline Analyst are strengthened when PhishMe Triage collects and prioritizes internally-generated phishing attacks from PhishMe Reporter and maps indicators useful in the workflow such as Recipe Match, YARA Rule Match, Recipe and Rule Category, Email Subjects, Link to Incident, and Recipe and Rule Priority.

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