Lastline Analyst enables you to inspect objects and URLs for advanced malware.

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Provide your forensics team with the tools they need.

Advanced Malware Forensic Analysis with Lastline Analyst

Ensure comprehensive threat analysis

against today’s evasive and advanced cyber threats

With Lastline Analyst, your security auditors, malware researchers, and incident control personnel can obtain detailed information about malware infecting your systems. Utilize Lastline’s next-generation sandbox and it’s full-system emulation Full System Emulation Information capabilities to comprehensively inspect objects and URLs for advanced malware analysis.

  • Benefits:
  • shield Obtain threat score with detailed analysis
  • shield Utilize next-generation sandbox
  • shield Cloud-based service
  • shield Upload 25 files per month for free
  • Audit:
  • shield Windows OS (32 & 64 bit)
  • shield Microsoft Office
  • shield Executables, Archives & PDF Files
  • shield Android APK
  • shield URLs

Expect the best from your malware analysis system.

Full-system emulation

provides complete visibility into malware behaviors

Use next-generation sandbox technology to catch not only persistent threats and zero-day exploits, but also advanced malware designed to evade detection by traditional, first-generation sandbox technologies. Lastline Analyst uses full-system emulation Full System Emulation Information to inspect every executed instruction. This enables more in-depth and sophisticated analysis, such as tracking data flows and counteracting evasion techniques. Lastline Analyst supports the analysis of malicious web sites, the identification of web-based exploits, and the deobfuscation of JavaScript code.

Full-system emulation for advanced malware protection

Enhance what you’re already working with.

Uniquely rich API

allows you to integrate with existing tools

With Lastline Analyst, you can interconnect to any system and application using our rich API framework. Analyze objects that already exist in your network for advanced malware and stop advanced cyber attacks from compromising your business. Disseminate and use the analysis results produced by Lastline Analyst across the entire organization's security toolset.


Choose the deployment solution that’s best for you.

Flexible hosted and on-premise options

adapt to fit your needs

Lastline Analyst can be accessed through either an on-premise solution or through a hosted option. If your Enterprise is restricted by strict privacy laws and policies, deploy on-premise and install components in your data center. Network behavior models associated with malware will be regularly downloaded from Lastline. Alternatively, choose the hosted deployment model and Lastline will manage the backend infrastructure for you.

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