Lastline Detonator

Empower your existing endpoint and network security with advanced malware protection

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Detect, Decide, DefendLastline Detonator integrates easily to detect, mitigate, and respond to attempted attacks and data breaches.

Protect Your Entire Enterprise

Energize existing solutions

Add advanced malware insight to your infosec tools

Lastline Detonator enhances the capabilities of existing investments by protecting organizations from advanced and evasive threats across the whole enterprise – analyzing content across operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and Android).

Deploy multiple layers of defense

Enable network and endpoint solutions – physical or virtual

Enable existing solutions on the network or endpoint with the ‘flip of a switch’, leveraging Lastline’s hosted offering or deploying within your own data center.

Scale Predictably

Protect All Your Users and Locations

Lastline’s flexible software-based platform allows organizations to scale their breach defenses on a predictable basis, from a single location to an infinite number of remote, branch, and mobile offices. Licensing costs are not inflated by location, appliance or bandwidth. And for enhanced protection against network-borne threats and even deeper visibility, you can upgrade to Lastline Enterprise.

Defeat Evasions to Find More Threats

Superior Detection

with full-system emulation

Lastline detects unknown threats (APTs, ATAs, zero-days, etc.) specifically designed to evade popular first-generation APT sandbox appliances. When compared to competing approaches such as virtualization and OS emulation, Lastline’s full-system emulation (FUSE™) provides the deepest level of visibility into unknown malware behavior and is also the hardest for evasive malware to circumvent. The harder malware tries, the easier it is to detect. The result is the successful detection of highly-evasive malicious attacks that others simply don’t see, even months later.

Respond to Advanced Attacks

Smarter Management

see the signal, skip the noise

Lastline Detonator delivers more intelligent breach analysis information to your existing security management tools. Lastline Detonator enables existing solutions to respond immediately to a threat, protecting organizations and users from further compromise. Integration with various other security management tools enables an organizational-wide response. By prioritizing indicators of compromise (IoCs) that are associated with evasive malware, Lastline Detonator reduces noise and accelerates response.

Integrate with Your Security Systems

Supercharge your infosec engines

Lastline Detonator is designed to complement existing security infrastructure by delivering advanced malware detection and protection power and threat intelligence to existing security products, processes, and workflows. Firewalls and NGFWs (Next Generation Firewalls), IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems), SWGs (Secure Web Gateways), SEGs (Secure Email Gateways), and endpoint protection agents can implement policies to protect devices and block traffic based on detected malware.

Block Attacks and Leaks

Proactively block known malicious objects

Lastline Detonator delivers its advanced threat intelligence to gateway and endpoint security investments to provide security analysts and incident responders with additional behavior information and context on threats.

Quickly respond to the unknown

In the case that a previously unknown or zero-day exploit is identified, the Lastline platform provides network and endpoint protection solutions with updated intelligence to create blocking rules that stop active breaches.

Choose the deployment solution that's best for your Enterprise.

Flexible hosted and on-premise options

Meet the needs of your organization

Lastline Detonator can be deployed either on premise or as a hosted option, depending upon your organization's needs. Choose an on-premise installation for compliance and regulatory requirements, internal IT policy, or a CapEx strategy. Or choose the hosted deployment model, and Lastline will manage the backend infrastructure for you, reducing costs in an OpEx approach. Whatever you choose, environments are regularly updated with new network behavior models associated with malware.

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