Symantec + Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance Integration

Detect advanced and evasive threats in your SSL traffic by integrating Lastline with Symantec + Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliances

The Lastline Breach Detection Platform Integrates with Symantec + Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliances

Lastline has teamed up with Symantec + Blue Coat to deliver a powerful solution that can intercept and decrypt SSL traffic and perform detection of advanced and evasive threats.

How It Works

Symantec + Blue Coat’s market-leading SSL Visibility Appliance eliminates the encrypted traffic blind spot and combats hidden security threats while preserving privacy, policy and regulatory compliance. The SSL Visibility Appliance allows visibility into previously hidden traffic without requiring significant upgrades or rearchitecting of network security infrastructure.

With the non-SSL and decrypted SSL traffic from Symantec + Blue Coat, the Lastline Breach Detection Platform begins its work. Lastline Sensors monitor decrypted network activity to gather information specifically related to active breaches in the network. Suspicious objects are extracted from the wire across vectors such as web, email, and file sharing. Known malicious objects and network callbacks are automatically blocked by other security devices such as the Symantec + Blue Coat ProxySG. Unknown suspicious objects are sent to Lastline’s next-generation sandbox for in-depth analysis.

A cluster of next-generation sandbox Engines perform full-system emulation of the hardware (including the CPU and physical memory) to execute malware inside of a real operating system. This innovative approach to sandboxing (unlike OS emulation or virtualized sandboxing) allows visibility into attempts by malware authors to fingerprint the runtime environment and highlights clear indicators of compromise. The Lastline Breach Detection Platform is able to quickly identify advanced and unknown threats specifically designed to evade first-generation sandboxes and traditional security systems.

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BlueCoat SSL Visibility Appliance Integration
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