Tanium Endpoint Platform Integration

Focus incident response and identify the most serious breaches

Lastline’s Breach Detection Platform Integrates with Tanium Endpoint Platform

Lastline’s Breach Detection Platform integrates with the Tainium Endpoint Platform to focus incident response and identify the most serious breaches.


With Lastline and Tanium working in tandem, organizations are equipped with the complete toolset they need to quickly identify and respond to threats by quickly verifying if an attack on the endpoint was successful. The joint solution enables rapid response to malware outbreaks and reduces the expense and risk with which they are associated. Incident responders are able to identify IOCs related to a given piece of malware and search across the entire enterprise to find and remediate any instances.

How It Works

The Lastline Breach Detection Platform complements existing Tanium deployments by accurately detecting malware entering the organization and equipping incident response teams with the tools they need to quickly identify and isolate impacted systems. The Tanium Endpoint Platform utilizes Lastline’s threat intelligence and sandbox engines to quickly assess if an endpoint has been breached. A security administrator can leverage the IOC data from Lastline within Tanium to quickly assess if any computers within an organization have indicators of malware present on the file system, or worse, running on the remote system. The in-depth IOC data Lastline generates provides Tanium with critical information, such as file hashes, executable names, process names and registry keys to assist in the breach verification and remediation process.

Lastline deployments can leverage Tanium on the endpoint to respond to and remediate threats, reducing the impact of malware outbreaks and helping to ensure impacted systems are quickly remediated. This enables incident response teams to quickly identify impacted systems and target their remediation efforts to quickly isolate the threat.

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Tanium Endpoint Platform
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