WatchGuard APT Blocker Integration

Add advanced threat detection capabilities to WatchGuard UTM and NGFWs

Lastline’s Breach Detection Platform Powers WatchGuard’s APT Blocker

Lastline’s Breach Detection Platform powers WatchGuard’s advanced threat defense product, APT Blocker. APT Blocker is currently available in WatchGuard UTM (Unified Threat Management) and NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) appliances.

How It Works

WatchGuard UTM and NGFW products extract suspicious objects (ex. PDF or Word attachments) from the network, after passing through traditional security layers such as AV (Anti-Virus), to be analyzed for APTs, zero-day threats, and advanced malware. Lastline hosts a cluster of next-generation sandboxes, a component of the Lastline Breach Detection Platform, to analyze objects gathered by WatchGuard appliances. Objects identified to contain APTs or other forms of advanced malware are reported back to WatchGuard appliance in a matter of minutes. WatchGuard appliances are able to stop APTs on the network and report pertinent information on WatchGuard Dimension, a solution that turns raw network data into actionable security intelligence.

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WatchGuard APT Blocker Integration
Want to integrate WatchGuard APT Blocker with Lastline's Security Breach Detection Platform?
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