Cloud Distribution Signs Next Generation Anti-Malware Specialist Lastline Inc.

Lastline Inc offers a Cloud powered as well as an “On Premise” anti-malware solution to combat today’s sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threats, Zero-Day Exploits and Targeted Attacks

Reading, UK – 5th February 2013 – Security and networking value added distributor, Cloud Distribution, has today announced an exciting new partnership with Lastline Inc., a company at the forefront of advanced malware protection. With global cyber espionage estimated to cost companies $114 billion annually ($388 billion when you factor in downtime), this agreement offers the channel a high margin next generation solution specifically designed to combat today’s new class of sophisticated, stealthy and targeted cyber threats.

Luca Simonelli, VP World Wide Sales of Lastline, comments on the new partnership: “When looking to introduce our anti-malware offering to the UK market, Cloud Distribution was at the forefront of our minds due to the company’s proven track record of successfully launching innovative solutions into the marketplace. We are confident that the team has the capabilities, connections and proven experience to develop our UK channel presence and add value to the ecosystem.”

Adam Davison, Director of Product Development at Cloud Distribution, comments: “Lastline offers unparalleled threat intelligence that is invaluable to security teams who are potentially vulnerable to the ever changing threat landscape. Our channel partners have been looking for a cost effective solution like this which leverages the power of the Cloud. The subscription pricing model means customer’s investment is significantly reduced versus competitive offerings. We are also delighted to be able to offer the channel a solution that effectively addresses the challenges of today’s threat landscape particularly Advanced Persistent Threats, Zero-Day and Targeted Attacks.”

An organisation’s most advanced security defences – next generation firewalls, next generation IPS, and heuristic based security solutions – are still no match for the polymorphic attacks being deployed today such as Advanced Persistent Threats, Zero-Day Exploits and Targeted Attacks. These new threats offer a broad spectrum of attack possibilities that enable attackers to break into systems, avoid detection and maintain long-term access to compromised networks using a combination of malicious evasion techniques that make detection and analysis extremely difficult.

Lastline Inc. is the only technology on the market that has the ability to see through traditional evasion techniques and prevent false negatives in a unique way, by leveraging the Cloud to automate the systems and processes used to analyse incoming threats. Its Advanced Next Generation solutions can analyse binaries, web content and emails in real time as it enters the enterprise network, thereby allowing IT managers to map the malware threats quickly and efficiently with a level of accuracy not previously available. Up until now these threats have simply bypassed traditional signature based controls. At the same time Lastline’s solutions offer extremely competitive total cost of ownership as it leverages the Cloud infrastructure, which reduces CAPEX costs.

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About Lastline

Lastline delivers the most effective and comprehensive security platform to detect, stop, and manage targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats, zero-day exploits, and evasive malware designed to bypass traditional security products. Lastline was founded by world-renowned security researchers who have been analyzing next generation threats over the past decade. The Lastline founders also created Anubis and Wepawet, free, advanced malware analysis services that are used by more than 80,000 users from security, enterprise, and government organizations.

Lastline provides high-resolution and real-time malware analysis of network, email, web, file and mobile attacks. Lastline solutions are cost effective and can be easily deployed as on premise software and cloud-based service throughout an organization’s environment. To detect advanced malware on your network or to upload files for advanced malware analysis, get your free trial of Lastline Enterprise and Lastline Analyst at For more information, please visit