Lastline Co-founder and CTO, Dr. Giovanni Vigna’s Malware Expertise Featured at Enigma 2018

Joint presentation with Dr. Davide Balzarotti will show how innovative malware uses packing techniques to evade detection

SANTA CLARA, CA JANUARY 9, 2018 ­— ENIGMA 2018 – Lastline, the leader in advanced network-based malware protection, announced today that CTO and Co-founder Dr. Giovanni Vigna will deliver a presentation at Enigma 2018 on how malware uses packing and other obfuscation techniques to avoid detection by anti-virus (AV) systems. The presentation, “When Malware is Packin’ Heat,” will be delivered jointly with Dr. Davide Balzarotti, a Professor in the Digital Security Department at Eurecom Graduate School and Research Center in France. It will highlight how packing works and will show, with experimental data, that many leading anti-virus products do not really understand if programs are malicious or not, but only if they are packed or not, resulting in false positives and alert fatigue.

“Categorizing files as malicious simply because they’re packed is a by-product of the pervasive and incorrect use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in malware detection,” commented Dr. Vigna. “The inconvenient truth is that unless the AV industry does better than simply detecting packers, we are doomed to live in a world in which good and bad programs are misclassified, causing pain to the users, and eventually resulting in alert fatigue and missed detections.”

Dr. Vigna’s selection to present at Enigma 2018 reinforces his reputation as a leading malware expert and researcher. The presentation features the results of recently completed research jointly conducted with Dr. Balzarotti. The authors performed a systematization of the behavior of packers (published in the IEEE Security and Privacy Symposium) and have now applied this analysis to a large corpus of real-world malware observed across thousands of corporate networks worldwide.

The presentation will take place Wednesday, January 17th at 1:30pm. For more information, or to schedule a meeting with Dr. Vigna or Dr. Balzarotti at Enigma 2018, please contact Lastline at

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