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Lastline Partners Deliver Enterprise Protection to the Vulnerable Midmarket

Lastline Partners Deliver Enterprise Protection to the Vulnerable Midmarket

WatchGuard and SonicWall Among Partners Proving APT Need in Market Segment.

REDWOOD CITY, CA — February 9, 2017 — Lastline Inc., the leader in advanced malware protection, announced today that it is seeing large spikes in malware detected through new segments of it global online network, spurred by several of its embedded OEM partners driving business into the SMB and midmarket segments.

“We now see sophisticated malware methods previously reserved for attacks on large organizations moving down from the large enterprise to include midmarket and in some cases, the SMB market,” said Brian Laing, Vice President of Business Development & Products. “For instance, we are seeing large spikes in detection and elimination of the malware ‘Locky’ targeting Windows 10 guests across our OEM partner networks. This is not something we expected to see, but rarely are attacks expected. Our observation reinforces the need for enterprise-grade evasive malware protection from core to edge, even in the small end of the business market.”

Working with its partners, Lastline is the first company to secure Windows 10 and other must-have enterprise software for SMB and midmarket companies in a pure-play APT solution. Lastline’s award-winning advanced malware detection solution is embedded into security products customers already know and trust.

NSS Labs named Lastline Enterprise the Leading Breach Detection Platform with 100 percent effectiveness and zero false positives. Unique in the industry, the Lastline solution is hardware independent and can be embedded in any number of appliance form factors. Lastline continues to expand its hardware OEM partnerships aimed at addressing the malware security concerns of the SMB and midmarket.

The following network protection products are now available with Lastline as a feature option:

  • WatchGuard was Lastline’s first OEM partner, establishing the relationship in 2014. The companies recently renewed the relationship so they could continue delivering enterprise-grade advanced malware protection to SMBs and distributed enterprises via the WatchGuard® APT Blocker. This award-winning solution is available within the WatchGuard Total Security Suite bundle for all of its Firebox appliances, including physical tabletop and rack-mounted models, as well as virtualized and cloud-based solutions.
  • SonicWall™ Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service (Capture ATP) is now available across SonicWall’s generation 6 Next-Generation Firewalls including SuperMassive, NSA and TZ series of products. SonicWall APT services are available in various bundle configurations depending on customer needs. SonicWall is also pleased to announce the addition of Capture ATP in its Email Security 9.0 release to detect advanced threats by scanning a broad range of email attachment types.

All Lastline customers have live access to the Lastline Global Threat Intelligence Network to connect and share real-time threat discovery data, improving the speed and accuracy of malware detection. Over the past six months, the volume of traffic on the Network has more than tripled due to the addition of new OEM-driven customers.

For more information on fighting advanced malware attacks against companies of all sizes, or to inquire about partnerships, please contact Lastline.

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