Lastline Enterprise: Collect

Deploy Sensors Throughout Your Network To Support Automated
Malware Analysis By Capturing Evasive Malware And Malicious Objects

Attackers use a variety of techniques to infiltrate your network, and you need the ability to detect those threats across email, web, network, or cloud traffic.

Deployment Flexibility

Feed Lastline’s automated malware analysis and threat protection by deploying sensors throughout your infrastructure, wherever you need visibility into malicious objects and activity. You have the flexibility to deploy unmatched malware visibility on every segment and in every location of your network. Because each organization has a unique security architecture, we offer the flexibility to deploy Sensors as physical or virtual appliances, wherever you need them. Typically, Sensors used to evaluate network traffic are located behind firewalls, email gateways and other perimeter-based products, as well as on internal segments. You can install them out-of-band, or in-line.

Integration Through
Technology Alliance Partners

You can also deploy security products from our Technology Alliance Partners to quickly integrate Lastline Enterprise’s unmatched advanced malware detection capabilities into your existing security portfolio. Their integration with Lastline Enterprise is built-in and ready for you to deploy.

Robust APIs

In addition to Lastline Sensors and our Technology Alliance Partners, you can easily configure Lastline’s APIs to accept unknown files sent from your existing installed security products, expanding your visibility into malicious behavior within your network. You can collect the files from a variety of devices including endpoints, custom applications, and security products, which are located throughout your organization, on premise, or in the cloud.

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