Lastline Enterprise: Respond

Respond More Effectively to Advanced Malware-Based Threats

Lastline Portal Delivers
Attack Chain Visibility

Lastline Enterprise accelerates and simplifies your security analysis process, enabling your incident response team to quickly identify and respond to cyber threats. The Lastline Portal gives you a correlated view of all malicious events and presents your security team with a single incident showing the complete attack chain. Lastline Enterprise analyzes suspicious traffic and objects in real time, not in minutes or hours, and provides you with the quickest time to notification and remediation.

We correlate the related Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), eliminating the need for you to search through gigabytes of log files for each IoC from a wide range of devices across your network. Automated correlation makes your incident response team more effective by allowing them to focus on the most important threats. They don’t have to spend days or weeks building correlation rules to get useful information. Lastline Enterprise starts generating actionable cyber threat intelligence immediately.

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Real-time Cyber Threat Intelligence

For automated responses, configure your security controls to use our real-time cyber threat intelligence to block attacks immediately in your in-line security devices. You can update rulesets or create new workflows to stay abreast of evasive malware.

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