Lastline Enterprise

Lastline Enterprise Detects and Defeats Advanced Malware That Easily
Evades Other Security Products to Infiltrate Your Network
  • Deploy Sensors throughout your network to capture evasive malware and malicious objects

  • Detect and analyze evasive threats that others can’t see

  • Respond faster and more effectively to advanced threats in your network


Capture Advanced Malware From Across Your Network

Deploy Sensors

Deploy Sensors wherever you need unmatched malware visibility, as physical or virtual appliances.

Collect Across Your
Attack Surface

Detect malicious content in emails, web content, and network traffic throughout your organization, including the cloud.

Collect from Your
Existing Devices

Import Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) from your existing devices and security products, expanding your visibility.


Detect and Analyze Evasive Threats That Others Can’t See

Detect Evasive

Detect and analyze even the most advanced strains of malware, including those developed to evade other technologies.

GLOBAL threat

Automatically shares the malware characteristics and behaviors of every malicious object curated and analyzed by Lastline with all Lastline customers and partners.


Lastline Enterprise™ earned 100% threat detection and zero false positives in NSS Labs’ Breach Detection System group test.


Respond More Effectively to Advanced Threats

Respond Faster

You get the complete attack chain visibility you need to respond to new threats faster and more accurately.

Respond Smarter

Threat intelligence keeps your network protected against the latest malware, and you can create new workflows to automatically block new advanced persistent threats.

Respond Better

Use Lastline Enterprise’s threat intelligence to keep your network protected against the latest malware, and create new workflows to automatically block new threats.

Scale Predictably to Protect All Users and Locations

Flexible Cloud or On-Premise Deployment


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