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In this interview with iSMG, Christopher Kruegel, CEO at Lastline shares key findings from new research conducted emphasizing that malware is a pervasive problem that is constantly evolving
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In this interview with iSMG, Giovanni Vigna, CTO at Lastline, discusses what machine learning in particular can - and cannot - do to improve cybersecurity defenses.
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Breakout presentation at Black Hat 2015 by Lastline co-founder Engin Kirda on how ransomware has evolved, the difference between threatened and actual impacts, and key attributes that makes ransomware both effective and detectable. (TRT: 23:18)
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Watch Lastline co-founder Engin Kirda’s presentation to the NY Information Security Meetup on evasive malware and automated malware detection, including a brief history of malware attacks and how it evolves. (TRT: 25:07)
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This demonstration shows how easy it is for PhishMe Triage users to add Lastline’s advanced malware detection to existing security tools and the resulting increased insight available through Triage. (TRT: 8:26)
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