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Public cloud workloads are at risk as bad actors target unsecured servers and vulnerable data in the public cloud. They take advantage of limited security controls as organizations migrate workloads to the cloud, leaving applications and data exposed. Lastline Defender now protects public cloud workloads against advanced threats attempting to enter or move laterally in your AWS environment. Watch our introductory webinar.
On-Demand Webinar
Lastline's John DiLullo on Tracking Adversaries' Network Movements. It's not enough to detect an attack. To be truly effective, defenders need to capture digital fingerprints and movement through the network. John DiLullo of Lastline discusses this level of defense.
Podcasts & Videos
Learn about our innovative technology and how we use AI to defeat advanced threats. Watch our company overview video to see just what we mean by AI Done Right™.
Podcasts & Videos
Security firm ESET identified a sample of BIOS-based malware in the wild, with the Russian Hacking Group Fancy Bear believed to be responsible. Firmware security expert and Lastline co-founder and CTO, Giovanni Vigna, discusses the truth and hype around LoJax and other firmware based attacks with Paul Roberts of The Security Ledger.
Podcasts & Videos
SecurityGuyTV host, Chuck Harold, interview with Giovanni Vigna in which they discuss AI and ML, malware as a cyberweapon, triaging to improve efficiency, anomaly detection, and more.
Podcasts & Videos
Vince Tocce, a Bay Area podcast and video producer, interviewed Co-founder Giovanni Vigna at RSA 2018. They discussed the history of Lastline, AI at a security tool, automated detection of Android vulnerabilities, GDPR, and much more.
Podcasts & Videos
In this interview with Ashwin Krishna of Cyber Security Dispatch, Giovanni shares his insight on technical superiority, buzz word trends, and how triage is the most overlooked and probably the most impactful aspect of security operations today.
Podcasts & Videos
While at Infosecurity Europe in June 2018, Patrick Bedwell, head of product marketing at Lastline, discussed with iSMG malware trends, the challenges faced by infosec professionals, and why it’s essential to detect and remediate an attack.
Podcasts & Videos
In this interview with iSMG, Christopher Kruegel, CEO at Lastline shares key findings from new research conducted emphasizing that malware is a pervasive problem that is constantly evolving
Podcasts & Videos
In this interview with iSMG, Giovanni Vigna, CTO at Lastline, discusses what machine learning in particular can - and cannot - do to improve cybersecurity defenses.
Podcasts & Videos
Breakout presentation at Black Hat 2015 by Lastline co-founder Engin Kirda on how ransomware has evolved, the difference between threatened and actual impacts, and key attributes that makes ransomware both effective and detectable. (TRT: 23:18)
Podcasts & Videos
Watch Lastline co-founder Engin Kirda’s presentation to the NY Information Security Meetup on evasive malware and automated malware detection, including a brief history of malware attacks and how it evolves. (TRT: 25:07)
Podcasts & Videos
This demonstration shows how easy it is for PhishMe Triage users to add Lastline’s advanced malware detection to existing security tools and the resulting increased insight available through Triage. (TRT: 8:26)
Podcasts & Videos