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Lastline Solutions

Network Security That Automatically Detects and Responds to Advanced Threats

Lastline Defender

AI-powered Network Security

Highest fidelity insights into advanced threats targeting your network

Lastline Defender™ delivers the highest fidelity insights into advanced threats entering or operating in your network. It protects your cloud and hybrid environments as well, giving you comprehensive visibility into threats across your diverse network. The result is complete threat detection and elimination of false positives, which enables your security team to respond faster to threats and automate threat response workflows.

That’s AI Done Right!

Lastline Defender
for Email

Eliminate Advanced Threats Hiding in Your Email

Stop the Advanced Threats That Evade Your Existing Email Security

Deploy Lastline Defender as an additional layer of defense that delivers unmatched protection for both your cloud or customer-managed email deployments. It blocks the advanced threats that are engineered to defeat your existing email security.

Secure the Cloud

Lastline Defender protects your cloud data by detecting malicious activity related to later-stage attacks that can result in damage or exfiltration of critical assets.

Protect Your IoT Devices

Lastline Defender protects your network from bad actors targeting IoT devices as well as malicious behavior from compromised devices.

Lastline Analyst

Lastline Analyst™ provides your Security Operations Center (SOC), Incident Response (IR), and forensics team with the analytical tools required to conduct comprehensive malware investigations. Analyst enables you to determine whether specific files are malicious by submitting them directly to Lastline® for analysis.

Lastline Detonator

Lastline Detonator™ allows security teams to integrate our advanced malware detection and data analysis features into their existing security products. Detonator evaluates unknown objects submitted by third-party products for malicious content, and returns those results for incorporation into workflows and policies.

Experience AI Done Right

Eliminate false positives and respond faster to threats targeting your network.