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Rely On Lastline To Detect Malware and Solve Your Security Breach Protection Challenges
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Use Cases – How Lastline Achieves Specific Breach Protection Goals

Lastline’s advanced malware detection and breach protection solutions provide the visibility, context, and integration you need to protect your network from malware-based attacks, for a wide range of use cases. Organizations choose Lastline to:

Breach Protection Platform

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Lastline has created the industry’s most complete Breach Protection Platform to deliver the visibility, context, and integration you need to defend your network from breaches. It is built on Lastline’s expertise gained from over 10 years of research focused on detecting advanced malware and its behavior once inside a network.

The Lastline Breach Protection Platform provides you with a dynamic blueprint of a breach as it unfolds in your network. This blueprint provides you with complete breach visibility and context, displaying movement of the attack across your network and the global context of all indicators of compromise (IOCs) related to the attack.

The Lastline Breach Protection Platform combines six separate components to deliver complete breach visibility and protection:

  • Malware Analytics: The foundation of the Breach Protection Platform is Deep Content Inspection™, Lastline’s industry-leading network-based malware detection. Deep Content Inspection is the only automated malware analytics tool that interacts directly with the malware to catalog every malicious behavior engineered into the malware. Deep Content Inspection detects the advanced malware that evades sandboxes, firewalls, and other “next-gen” tools. It inspects network traffic, web traffic, and emails for malicious content and identifies every malicious behavior engineered into a piece of malware.
  • Network Analytics: Monitors your network activity, including low-level events and seemingly benign activity, to uncover all malicious events. Network Analytics speeds understanding of the scope of the threat by identifying compromised systems, communication between local and external systems, and data sets accessed or uploaded. It facilitates hunting of latent threats residing in your network, resulting from file downloads, website content, and email attachments.
  • Threat Analytics: Provides global context for any malicious activity detected locally on your network. This global context enables you to understand how activity on your network relates to malicious activity detected across Lastline’s diverse customer base. With threat analytics, you always know where you stand.
  • Breach Analytics: Uses event correlation, machine learning and AI to identify relationships among what appear to be unrelated events from the breach. including additional IOCs not previously associated with the malware, suspicious files and unusual behavior of systems, services, and applications.
  • Breach Response: Generates a detailed dynamic blueprint that helps you respond quickly and effectively to breaches early in their lifecycle. You can block unwanted network activity with the Lastline Sensors, or export actionable threat intelligence to your existing security controls and workflows.
  • Integration: Add new technologies quickly to maximize effectiveness of your existing staff, tools, and processes. We designed our Breach Protection Platform to collect and share information with your existing security controls, to remediate breaches faster, with fewer resources and lower costs.
Malware Solutions, Threat Analytics, Automated Malware Analysis

Understanding Advanced Malware

Evasive malware can easily escape detection by “advanced” security technologies like sandboxes, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems. Evasive malware avoids being detected by sandboxes or other security controls by altering its behavior and adopting one or more evasion tactics.

Lastline detection technology is designed to remain hidden while interacting with advanced malware. Our Deep Content Inspection™ environment engages with the malware to catalog every malicious action the malware can take and provide actionable malware analytics. It provides you with complete visibility of the full range of malicious behavior engineered within the malware.

Experience the Lastline Advantage

Lastline improves the malware analytics, data breach protection, and response capabilities of any organization by delivering a dynamic blueprint of a breach as it unfolds across a network.