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Lastline automates the detection, investigation, and response to advanced threats
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Use Cases – How Lastline Protects Against Advanced Threats

Lastline® advanced threat protection provides the automated detection, investigation, and response you need to protect your network:

Breach Protection Platform

Lastline has created the industry’s most innovative Breach Protection Platform that saves your security operations team precious time by automatically detecting, investigating, and responding to threats operating in your network. It combines AI-driven threat analytics with market-leading payload analysis to generate high-fidelity, prioritized alerts that enable automated or manual response to advanced threats. The Lastline Breach Protection Platform combines essential aspects of network security:

  • AI-Driven Network Analytics: Monitors your network activity, including low-level events and seemingly benign activity, to uncover all malicious events. Network Analytics speeds understanding of the scope of the threat by identifying compromised systems, communication between local and external systems, and data sets accessed or uploaded. It facilitates hunting of latent threats residing in your network, resulting from file downloads, website content, and email attachments.
  • Sandbox Analysis: The foundation of the Breach Protection Platform is Deep Content Inspection™, Lastline’s industry-leading sandbox technology. Deep Content Inspection catalogs every malicious behavior engineered into the malware and detects the advanced malware that evades sandboxes, firewalls, and other “next-gen” tools
  • Global Context: Understand the global context for any malicious activity detected locally on your network. It enables you to understand how activity on your network relates to malicious activity detected across Lastline’s diverse customer base.
  • Threat Visualization: The data visualization enables even the most junior member of your security operations team to quickly understand the scope of the threat, including compromised systems, communication between local and external systems, and data sets accessed.
  • Technology Integration: You can integrate Lastline technology quickly to collect information or share high-fidelity alerts with your existing security controls to maximize the effectiveness of your existing staff, tools, and processes. Respond to advanced threats faster, with fewer resources, and lower costs.
Malware Solutions, Threat Analytics, Automated Malware Analysis

Understanding Advanced Malware

Advanced malware continues to play a significant role in many attacks targeting organizations today. Malware authors continue to new techniques that bypass both traditional and “next-generation” security tools, leaving your systems and data at risk. Evasive malware can easily escape detection by “advanced” security technologies by altering its behavior or adopting one or more evasion tactics.

  • Evading sandbox-based technologies: Advanced malware is engineered specifically to detect when it is running in almost every sandbox on the market. The malware avoids taking any malicious actions to evade detection while in the sandbox, allowing it to enter your network and initiate its malicious behavior. The reason why advanced malware can bypass most sandboxes is that they typically utilize virtual machine (VM)environments like VMware, Xen, KVM, Parallels/Odin and VDI. VM technologies insert artifacts, which allow advanced malware to discover that it is running in a virtual environment. These artifacts include additional operating system files and processes, supplementary CPU features, and other components necessary for the virtualization to work.
  • Evading signature-based detection: Malware authors easily alter the signature of their code to avoid detection. Because security tools examine the internal components of an object to generate a signature, modifying even a single bit in any of the malware’s components changes the object’s signature. Some of the malware tools on the dark web enable payload-changing capabilities with a simple check box to foil signature-based systems.

Lastline detect the advanced malware that other technologies miss. Our Deep Content Inspection™ environment catalogs every malicious action engineered into the code, providing you with complete visibility and eliminating the need to conduct additional analysis of the malware.

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Lastline automates the detection, investigation, and response to advanced threats. See for yourself how Lastline can make a difference.