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Detect and Analyze Evasive Threats That Others Can’t See

Deep Content Inspection™

Lastline Enterprise’s Deep Content Inspection technology provides the detection capabilities that are fundamental to identifying the threats that other vendors miss. It delivers complete visibility into evasive malware behavior while remaining hidden from the malware itself. Deep Content Inspection is a unique isolation and inspection environment that simulates an entire host including the CPU, system memory, and all devices. It interacts with the malware and observes all the actions a malicious object might take.

Sandboxes only have visibility down to the operating system level. They can inspect content and identify potentially malicious code, but they have lower detection rates and higher false positives because they can’t interact with the malware or detect evasion techniques.

Lastline Enterprise also detects threats targeting browsers that signature- and reputation-based technologies can’t detect.  These threats target browser vulnerabilities and do not use file-based attacks, evading detection by other security tools. Lastline Enterprise exposes zero-day attacks that use malicious code instead of malicious files to target web browser.

To learn more about Deep Content Inspection and how it uses Full System Emulation (FuSE) to improve visibility and enhanced malware detection, please watch this short video (TRT: 6:00).

Cyber Threat Intelligence, Global Threat Intelligence, Deep Content Inspection
Global Threat Intelligence, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Deep Content Inspection

Global Threat Intelligence Network

The Global Threat Intelligence Network automatically shares the malware characteristics, behaviors and associated IoCs of every malicious object curated and analyzed by Lastline with all Lastline customers and partners. You benefit by anonymously contributing threat information and receiving actionable, global intelligence in return.

We quickly analyze all new objects and share the results of the analysis across our entire network. This allows for faster detection and analysis of previously unseen threats as well as reducing the time for you to respond to malicious activity.

The Threat Intelligence Network enables your security team to conduct detailed analysis of malicious code seen in the wild.  Security professionals can analyze threats within the global threat context, including information about attack types, frequency, and alignment with any malware campaigns.

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