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Lastline Defender™ delivers the comprehensive visibility and protection you need to secure your entire network, including cloud assets. The market adoption of public cloud computing has drastically increased the surface area you have to secure to protect your data, while reducing your visibility into data moving into and out of the cloud.

There are several ways in which bad actors can access sensitive data once you migrate part or all of your organization’s network and application infrastructure to the cloud, including compromised credentials and shadow IT.

Compromised Credentials

Credential theft is a common objective for many attacks. It gives bad actors the ability to impersonate authorized users and administrators, and gain control over IAAS environments and SAAS applications:

  • Credential-stealing malware like Loki harvest account credentials directly from compromised systems
  • Phishing attacks can fool users into divulging credentials, including those for cloud applications and platform environments

Sophisticated malware can determine whether it is on an actual user’s device or inside an environment like a sandbox or a virtual machine instance. Once it detects these environments it alters its behavior to avoid detection.

Shadow IT and Insider Threat

IT organizations often lack critical visibility into sensitive or regulated data residing in cloud applications and environments set up by employees. The cloud has made it easy for well-meaning employees to bypass traditional access and security controls. They can store and access vast amounts of intellectual property without your IT organization’s knowledge, exposing you to a data breach and significant regulatory penalties.

Network Traffic Analysis, Malicious Emails, Network Breaches

Actionable Results

Lastline inspects network traffic into and out of the cloud to look for malicious activity related to later-stage attacks that can result in damage of critical assets or data exfiltration. We deliver complete threat detection by unifying two complementary technologies in a single solution that provides the broadest threat protection possible for your network:

  • Superior AI-powered network detection
  • Market-leading sandbox technology

Our AI-powered threat detection generates the highest-fidelity insights into advanced threats operating in your network. By incorporating our sandbox technology, we also deliver protection from threats attempting to enter your network.

Our patented technology deconstructs every malicious behavior engineered into an object entering via mail or web traffic, such as a file attachment or download. We see all instructions that a program executes, all memory content, and all operating system activity. This visibility enables us to inventory unique file behaviors that other tools fail to detect, such as activity observed when executing programs, opening documents, unpacking archives, and rendering web content.

Our superior visibility makes the analysis much harder to evade. Alternative methods, like OS emulation and virtualization, are fooled by sophisticated evasion techniques. They are easily bypassed and therefore miss many advanced attacks.

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