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Get Complete Visibility Into Threats Targeting Your Public Cloud Workloads

Secure Your Cloud

Public cloud workloads are at risk–bad actors target unsecured servers and vulnerable applications, as well as steal credentials to gain access to public cloud platforms. Once they have access, the attackers can launch new instances and move laterally to launch attacks on other workloads, ultimately harvesting and exporting data. Lastline Defender™ for Cloud delivers the comprehensive visibility and protection you need to secure your entire network, including cloud assets. This has created a greater need for cloud and hybrid cloud security.

Unmatched Visibility into Threats Targeting Your Cloud Infrastructure

Lastline Defender for Cloud is the first native cloud security solution that delivers unmatched visibility of advanced threats in both your external and internal public cloud traffic in AWS.

Secure your public cloud workloads against a range of threats:

  • Incoming attacks targeting your servers in public subnets in your virtual private cloud (VPC)
  • Misconfigured servers with open ports and access that allow attackers to gain foothold in your internet-facing assets
  • Lateral movement of attackers as they pivot to servers in your private subnet (which you thought were safe because they did not have a route to the internet)
  • Unauthorized logins and data downloads from servers

Accelerated Response

Lastline Defender for Cloud provides immediate visibility into threats and intrusions across your public cloud workloads. You have detailed awareness of malicious activity entering and operating within your AWS environment, enabling you to respond faster:

  • Inbound Exploits of Cloud Workloads: Prevent attacks against vulnerable applications and services in public clouds
  • Malicious Lateral Traffic: Detect when an attacker scans for other workloads and prevent discovery of additional services and block lateral movement and connection to an unusual port
  • Data Exfiltration: Detect and block anomalous data access before a bad actor can exfiltrate the data
Migrating to the cloud?
One product detects advanced threats in your on-prem network and public cloud.

“AI Done Right”

Lastline Defender for Cloud uses a combination of three complementary techniques to improve cloud security by detecting the advanced threats that other tools miss and eliminating false positives:

  • Leverage the knowledge in our Global Threat Intelligence Network to scan traffic metadata and payloads for variants of known threats
  • Apply unsupervised AI to your network traffic to detect protocol and traffic anomalies
  • Use supervised AI to automatically create classifiers that recognize malicious network behaviors and previously unknown exploits

Most AI-based network security products implement only the first two detection techniques. These probabilistic approaches lead to many false positives and hours of follow-up investigation.

Applying AI techniques to network traffic will always detect anomalous patterns of behavior. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible for these other AI-based tools to understand if the detected anomaly is malicious or benign.

Lastline is different. Our solutions utilize AI that is automatically trained both on network traffic and malicious behaviors. This unique combination enables deterministic detections and eliminates false positives. This means better enterprise security with fewer resources. That’s why we call it AI Done Right™. Lastline Defender provides total public and hybrid cloud security, meaning your entire network is secure.

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