Use Cases

Detect And Respond To Malware-Based Threats Faster

Lastline enables organizations with diverse security
requirements to detect and respond to malware-based attacks.

Organizations choose Lastline to:

Respond to Network Breaches

Lastline Breach Defender provides a dynamic blueprint of a breach as it unfolds in your network. This blueprint provides your security teams with complete breach visibility, displaying movement of the attack across your network.

Lastline Breach Defender puts the complete breach visibility you need for an integrated response to malicious activity at your fingertips. It decreases time-to-mitigation by showing all affected systems, applications, and data sets, as the breach moves across your network. Armed with this information, your security team can remediate network  breaches faster, with fewer resources, and lower costs.

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Network Traffic Analysis, Malicious Emails, Network Breaches

Protection from Malicious Emails

Email continues to be a critical application and remains one of the most common methods to allow malware into your network. Conventional Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) address legacy threats such as known viruses, Trojans, and spam. However, they are unable to detect and stop today’s evasive malware that is specifically designed to bypass detection from SEGs, legacy sandboxes, and other common security systems.

You can deploy Lastline technology as a complementary layer of defense to enhance your SEG investments and protect your organization from the latest and most sophisticated malware. Lastline works with your existing email system, whether it is in the cloud or on-premise, to defend against malicious emails.

Read our blog post about protecting against malicious links in emails.

Defeat Malicious Websites

Malware infections caused by malicious URLs and websites occur daily. Drive-by downloads install ransomware and other malicious code without your users’ knowledge. Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), sandboxes, Secure Web Gateways (SWGs), and other ‘advanced’ security tools can detect basic threats from dangerous websites, but they are unable to detect evasive malware.

Lastline Breach Defender augments your NGFWs and other web security tools, identify malware designed to successfully evade those technologies and providing complete breach visibility.

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Network Traffic
Analysis & Response

Identifying and understanding sophisticated malware operating within your network is essential for responding to threats quickly, before data exfiltration can occur.

Lastline Breach Defender monitors your network activity, including low-level events and seemingly benign activity, to uncover all malicious events. It facilitates hunting of latent threats residing in your network, resulting from file downloads, website content, and email attachments.

Network Traffic Analysis & Response enables you to identify and prioritize mitigation actions by mapping all network traffic associated with a breach. You can quickly understand the scope of the threat, including compromised systems, communication between local and external systems, and data sets accessed and uploaded.

Detecting Malware
on Endpoints

Desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) provide malware authors with plenty of opportunities to compromise your network.

Lastline partners with leading endpoint security companies to detect the latest and most advanced forms of malware targeting endpoints. Our partners rely on Lastline’s breach detection expertise to enhance their threat detection capabilities and protect their customers.

Lastline Breach Defender includes powerful APIs that give you the ability to easily enhance your existing endpoint security with Lastline’s breach protection capabilities.

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Malware Solutions, Advanced Malware Detection, Data Breach Security

Blocking Malicious Objects

Every second counts when you are under a cyberattack, and rapid, accurate, and effective blocking of malicious objects and the specific actions they perform is critical.

Lastline Breach Defender identifies key Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to alert you to compromised systems and applications in your network. It delivers fast, actionable threat intelligence to your existing security technologies to trigger incident response and block attacks immediately.

Powerful APIs push blocking rules to NGFWs, send breach event information to your Security Information Event Management (SIEM), block malicious objects in-line with Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and add evasive malware intelligence to SWGs.

Protect Your Entire Enterprise

Lastline provides the visibility and context you need to stop breaches in their tracks.