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The Lastline Threat Intelligence Advantage

Lastline’s world-class researchers investigate unique malware and attacks every day and incorporate that into all Lastline products to insure you’re always protected against the newest and novel threats that actors continue to develop in the hopes of successfully gaining a foothold inside your network.

Too many security tools ignore or misidentify the malicious behaviors that are essential to understanding the scope and intent of an attack. In contrast, the power of Lastline’s threat intelligence focuses on detailing the behaviors that advanced attacks exhibit. Armed with this intelligence, your security team can secure your email, web, cloud, and network against advanced malware-based attacks faster, and with fewer resources.

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Advanced Malware

Advanced malware continues to play a significant role in many attacks targeting organizations today. Malware authors continue to new techniques that bypass both traditional and “next-generation” security tools, leaving your systems and data at risk. Evasive malware can easily escape detection by “advanced” security technologies by altering its behavior or adopting one or more evasion tactics.

  • Evading sandbox-based technologies: Advanced malware is engineered specifically to detect when it is running in almost every sandbox on the market. The malware avoids taking any malicious actions to evade detection while in the sandbox, allowing it to enter your network and initiate its malicious behavior. The reason why advanced malware can bypass most sandboxes is that they typically utilize virtualized environments like VMware, Xen, KVM, Parallels/Odin and VDI. VM technologies insert artifacts, which allow advanced malware to discover that it is running in a virtual environment. These artifacts include additional operating system files and processes, supplementary CPU features, and other components necessary for the virtualization to work.
  • Evading signature-based detection: Malware authors easily alter the signature of their code to avoid detection. Because security tools examine the internal components of an object to generate a signature, modifying even a single bit in any of the malware’s components changes the object’s signature. Some of the malware tools used today enable payload-changing capabilities with a simple check box to foil signature-based systems.

Lastline detects the advanced malware that other technologies miss. Our Deep Content Inspection™ environment catalogs every malicious action engineered into the code, providing you with complete visibility and eliminating the need to conduct additional analysis of the malware.

More About Lastline’s Threat Intelligence

Lastline uses a behavior-based approach to global threat intelligence that improves security effectiveness, speed to remediation, and completeness of remediation. Lastline security experts investigate cyber attacks and make unique actionable information about malware and threats publicly available to improve security teams’ ability to detect and block attacks.

Existing systems are ineffective:

  • Enterprise incident response processes are broken – Due to the homogeneous description of detected malware, correctly remediating infected devices is poor and increases the risk to organizations.
  • External threat intelligence feeds are often flawed – they lack the granularity to be truly helpful, aren’t timely, and are overly focused on external data not internal activity.
  • Intrusion defenses are ineffective – they lack the ability to connect north/south alerts to east/west traffic, precluding the ability to understand the full scope of an attack.

Our unique approach, built on our core strength and differentiator – our insight into malicious behaviors and connecting them to intrusions and breaches – will provide otherwise unavailable analysis and information to inform security teams’ efforts to secure email, web, cloud, and networks.

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Lastline sends out a (roughly) twice per month email update with links to interesting malware events across the world and some key facts and takeaways surrounding them. Lastline also provides, free of charge, links to our industry-leading analysis platform showing how the malware works, what it tries to do, and how Lastline detects it. These links to the Lastline Knowledge Base do not require an account with Lastline, but do expire a short time after the email goes out.

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