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Detect And Respond To Advanced Threats Faster

Protect Public
Cloud Workloads

Bad actors target your workloads in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) environments like AWS. They employ a range of techniques to penetrate your cloud infrastructure, launch new instances and move laterally to launch attacks on other workloads, ultimately harvesting and exporting data. These techniques include:

  • Targeting your servers in public subnets in your virtual public cloud (VPC) on AWS
  • Exploiting a misconfigured server with open ports to gain a foothold in your internet-facing assets
  • Moving laterally in your public cloud to find servers in your private subnet which you thought were safe (because they do not have a route to the internet)
  • Compromising servers running in your AWS instances and downloads data.

Lastline Defender for Cloud delivers unmatched visibility of advanced threats in both your internal and external public cloud traffic in AWS. It is also the only native cloud NTA solution in the AWS Marketplace that protects your cloud workloads, without the need to deploy agents or collectors.

Lastline Defender for Cloud is part of our Lastline Defender product family, which delivers complete protection of your entire cloud and on-premises network. You have complete flexibility to deploy Lastline where you need it:

Threat Response

The increased volume, severity, and automation of attacks is overwhelming. As a result, your security team detects attacks too late (if at all), the alerts generated provide only limited insights, and remediation is often ineffective.

Lastline Defender™ enables your security team to quickly cut through the noise, understand the most urgent threats, and drive the correct response:

  • Cut Through the Noise: Lastline Defender automatically combines multiple events on a single host into incidents, and multiple, related incidents across the network into intrusions. It correlates seemingly disparate events into a unified and prioritized threat view. This consolidation reduces by orders of magnitude the amount of information that your SOC needs to process. An easy-to-use, web-based portal visualizes intrusions for rapid triage, displays a clear timeline of the stages involved in the attack chain, and allows your team to drill down for more details when needed.
  • Understand the Most Urgent Threats: Alert details and context are the foundation that drives correct decision-making and fast response. Our superior threat visibility enables Lastline Defender to produce rich forensic records and to expose more threat behaviors, both for network activity and malware. In addition, Lastline Defender enriches local detections with context your security team needs to understand the scope of the threat. This context includes information obtained from your own environment (such as user, network, and host data) as well as information from our Global Threat Intelligence Network, a repository of tens of millions of malicious behaviors, indicators of compromise, and historic threat data about malicious files, domain names, and IP addresses.
  • Drive the Correct Response: Lastline Defender has a modular, scalable architecture and offers a rich set of open APIs that facilitate an easy integration of the product into existing security systems and workflows. Powerful, built-in integrations with products from our Technology Alliance Partner ecosystem, such as SIEMs, network devices, and endpoint agents complement the APIs. You can automate response workflows by sharing data between your existing security controls and Lastline Defender.
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Stop Lateral Movement

A data breach starts with a single compromised system and the malicious activity spreads across your network, eventually harvesting your confidential or regulated data.

Advanced attacks succeed because your security controls lack the ability to detect the malicious activity as it moves laterally across your network, the anomalous behavior of your compromised systems, the large transfers of data across your network, or the external communication with the attacker.

To help detect the lateral movement of an attack, organizations have turned to AI-based network security tools to assist in uncovering malicious activity. Applying AI techniques to network traffic will find anomalous patterns of behavior within the network traffic, because that’s what AI is designed to do. However, this approach leads to many false positives–after all, not all anomalies are the result of attacks or indicators of compromise.

Lastline Defender is unique. It combines three complementary techniques to deliver superior AI-powered network security to stop lateral movement:

  • First, we leverage the Lastline® Global Threat Intelligence Network to scan your traffic metadata and payloads for variants of known threats
  • Second, we apply unsupervised AI to your network traffic to detect protocol and traffic anomalies, and other indicators of compromise
  • Third, we use supervised AI to automatically create classifiers that recognize malicious network behaviors and previously unknown malware

Most AI-based network security products implement only the first two detection techniques. Lastline Defender is different. It leverages AI that is automatically trained both on network traffic and malicious behaviors. This unique combination enables deterministic detections and eliminates false positives.

The result is “AI Done Right.”

Block Unauthorized Access

Bad actors operating in your network with compromised account credentials, or rogue insiders accessing sensitive data, evade detection from a range of network security controls:

  • Perimeter devices don’t block bad actors using stolen credentials (obtained from phishing attacks, social engineering, or credential-stealing malware) and cannot detect any malicious activity by rogue insiders.
  • Network tools like IPS and endpoint security controls fail to detect the anomalous activity of bad actors once they’re inside as they appear to be authorized users.
  • Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) products, including those using AI, detect anomalous behavior but lack the context of knowing what malicious behaviors to look for, generating low-fidelity, probabilistic alerts.

Lastline Defender’s complete threat detection recognizes unauthorized access from inside or outside your network. It combines two complementary technologies in a single solution that provides the broadest threat protection possible for your network:

  • Superior AI-powered network detection
  • Market-leading sandbox technology

Our AI-powered threat detection generates the highest-fidelity insights into advanced threats operating in your network. By incorporating our sandbox technology, we also have unmatched visibility into bad actors attempting unauthorized access into your network.

The result: Detection of anomalous user and system behaviors, including insider threats and compromised accounts posing as an authorized user. Lastline Defender identifies malicious behavior within your network with a higher degree of accuracy than other anomaly detection tools, making your network more secure.

Prevent Data Exfiltration

A data breach starts with the compromise of a single system and culminates with the exfiltration of confidential data and intellectual property. Too often existing security tools fail to detect several critical stages in a successful attack:

  • Network perimeter and endpoint protection products can only detect the initial delivery and exploit stages, and don’t see the lateral movement of the attack across the network, subsequent access of critical systems, harvesting of data, or exfiltration.
  • NTA tools detect anomalous network behavior, but without any context of how malware and malicious actors operate, they generate too many false positives that require extensive investigation by your under-resourced security team.

Lastline Defender prevents data exfiltration by providing complete visibility of every stage of the attack chain. We created a unique approach to detecting advanced threats where our AI learns from both anomalous network traffic in your environment and malicious behaviors.

Lastline Defender analyzes both traffic crossing your perimeter and traffic moving laterally in your network. It delivers unmatched awareness and visibility of advanced attacks:

  • The initial email or web-based attack attempting to compromise a single system to initiate the attack chain
  • Asset discovery as it looks for more systems to compromise or data sets to harvest
  • Lateral movement as it spreads across your network
  • Anomalous behavior of compromised systems, including personal devices and IoT devices
  • Internal data transfers as the attackers prepare for data exfiltration
  • External communication and transfer of data

Secure Any Email System

You can deploy Lastline Defender as an additional layer of defense for cloud email as well as customer-managed email systems. It protects your users from advanced threats that are engineered to defeat other security tools, such as spear-phishing, ransomware, credential stealers, and other malicious emails.

Lastline Defender protects Microsoft Office 365 mail, Gmail, and customer-managed email systems with a complementary layer of protection that doesn’t add significant cost or complexity to your network. Lastline Defender detects the advanced malware other technologies miss:

  • Cloud email systems cannot stop advanced threats. While they can block spam and some rudimentary threats, Office 365 Mail and Gmail’s native email protection cannot detect and block advanced threats such as ransomware, credential stealers, spear-phishing, business email compromise (BEC), and account takeover (ATO).
  • Traditional and “next-generation” security tools leave your mail systems and data at risk because bad actors keep developing new techniques like keyloggers, ransomware, and fileless malware that bypass your security controls such as Secure Email Gateways (SEGs).

Lastline Defender for Email works with your existing email system to protect your organization from mail-based threats like ransomware, cryptomining, credential stealing, social engineering, and spear-phishing.

Protection from Advanced Threats

Lastline automates the detection, investigation, and response to advanced threats.
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