Apply Lastline technology across a wide range of specific situations or challenges to defeat cyberattacks.


Lastline Defender provides extensive coverage of MITRE ATT&CK and provides network prevention, detection, response, and threat hunting capabilities to the vast majority of the 314 techniques, thereby presenting some of the broadest coverage in the industry.  Learn More.

Protect Public Cloud Workloads

Lastline Defender delivers unmatched visibility of advanced threats in both your internal and external public cloud traffic in AWS. It is also the only native cloud NTA solution in the AWS Marketplace.  Learn More.

Accelerate Threat Response

Lastline Defender delivers a dynamic blueprint of an attack showing every system impacted and all activity associated with the attack. This high-fidelity insight enables you to quickly cut through the noise, identify the highest-risk threats, and quickly initiate the correct response.  Learn More.

Detect Lateral Movement

Attacks that evade detection by perimeter defenses will move laterally within your network. Lastline Defender trains AI on both network activity and threat behaviors to distinguish between malicious network anomalies and those that are benign, minimizing false positives. Learn More.

Prevent Intrusions

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDPS) is an essential technology to stop known threats before they can compromise vulnerable systems. Lastline Defender delivers validated alerts, identifies lateral movement, and detects advanced threats by integrating IDPS with Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) and artifact analysis. Learn More.

Block Unauthorized Access

Lastline Defender recognizes unauthorized access from inside or outside your network. It combines two complementary technologies in a single solution that provides the broadest threat protection possible for your network: network threat analysis and the market’s leading behavioral artifact analysis technology. Learn More.

Prevent Data Exfiltration

While we typically detect threats long before the criminal attempts to exfiltrate any data, as a final backstop Lastline Defender analyzes both traffic moving laterally within your network and traffic crossing your perimeter to delivers unmatched awareness and visibility of advanced attacks. Learn More.

Secure Any Email System

Lastline Defender provides an additional layer of defense for cloud email as well as customer-managed email systems. It protects your users from advanced threats that are designed to evade other security tools, such as spear-phishing, ransomware, credential stealers, and other malicious emails. Learn More.

Protect the Internet of Things

The explosion of IoT devices, many with weak of any security of their own, require new security solutions. Lastline Defender safeguards your network from malicious activity resulting from IoT device vulnerabilities and attacks. Learn More

Block Account Takeover

Account takeover attacks are particularly difficult to detect because criminals are using legitimate credentials. Lastline Defender detects anomalies created in the early stages of ATO attacks before they evolve into something more. Learn More

Detect Advanced Malware

Malware authors continue to develop techniqes for bypassing security tools and evading detection. Lastline Defenders Deep Content Inspection detects every malicious behavior engineered into the malware so that it can’t execute a behavior that we can’t see, dramaticaly improving detection rates. Learn More.