Accelerate Threat Response

The increased volume, severity, and automation of attacks is overwhelming. As a result, your security team detects attacks too late (if at all), the alerts generated provide only limited insights, and remediation is often ineffective.

Lastline Defender™ enables your security team to quickly cut through the noise, understand the most urgent threats, and drive the correct response:

  • Cut Through the Noise: Lastline Defender automatically combines multiple events on a single host into incidents, and multiple, related incidents across the network into intrusions. It correlates seemingly disparate events into a unified and prioritized threat view. This consolidation reduces by orders of magnitude the amount of information that your SOC needs to process. An easy-to-use, web-based portal visualizes intrusions for rapid triage, displays a clear timeline of the stages involved in the attack chain, and allows your team to drill down for more details when needed.
  • Understand the Most Urgent Threats: Alert details and context are the foundation that drives correct decision-making and fast response. Our superior threat visibility and advanced threat analytics enable Lastline Defender to produce rich forensic records and to expose more threat behaviors, both for network activity and malware. In addition, Lastline Defender enriches local detections with context your security team needs to understand the scope of the threat. This context includes information obtained from your own environment (such as user, network, and host data) as well as information from our Global Threat Intelligence Network, a repository of tens of millions of malicious behaviors, indicators of compromise, and historic threat data about malicious files, domain names, and IP addresses.
  • Drive the Correct Response: Lastline Defender has a modular, scalable architecture and offers a rich set of open APIs that facilitate an easy integration of the product into existing security systems, threat response solutions, and workflows. Powerful, built-in integrations with products from our Technology Alliance Partner ecosystem, such as SIEMs, network devices, and endpoint agents complement the APIs. You can automate response workflows by sharing data between your existing security controls and Lastline Defender.
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