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Prevent Intrusions

Detect threats attempting to enter your network

Prevent Intrusions

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) have been a mainstay in security stacks for years. However, for as long as IDPS products have been deployed, they have generated complaints about alert accuracy and volume. More recent concerns speak to the technology’s lack of visibility into lateral movement of an attack, inability to detect evasive threats, lack of automated response, and lack of cloud workload security. In other words, IDPS have simply failed to keep up with modern security requirements. (Our white paper explains these concerns and the shortcomings of IDPS products in more detail.)

Lastline Defender™ is a Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform that detects and contains sophisticated threats before they disrupt your business. It delivers the cybersecurity industry’s highest fidelity insights into advanced threats entering or operating in your entire network, enabling your security team to respond faster and more effectively to threats.

Video: 5 Things You Hate About Your IDPS
The top shortcomings that Lastline hears from customers about their stand-alone IDPS, and how they can be overcome with Network Detection and Response

Lastline Defender overcomes common concerns about IDPS while maintaining regulatory compliance by integrating four complementary AI-powered technologies to detect and respond to threats in both “north/south” and “east/west” traffic:

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDPS) detects known threats entering your network
  • Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) detects anomalous activity and malicious behavior as it moves laterally across your network
  • Artifact Analysis detects malicious content attempting to enter your network via web, email, or file transfers
  • Global Threat Intelligence continuously updates Lastline Defender’s detection and analysis capabilities in real time

Lastline Defender delivers all four technologies in a single platform, providing the accuracy, visibility, advanced threat detection, automated response, and cloud workload security that your IDPS lacks.

Learn More by downloading our IDPS Solution Guide.

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Protection from Advanced Threats

Lastline automates the detection, investigation, and response to advanced threats.
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