Prevent Data Exfiltration

A data breach starts with the compromise of a single system and culminates with the exfiltration of confidential data and intellectual property. Too often existing security tools fail to detect several critical stages in a successful attack:

  • Network perimeter and endpoint protection products can only detect the initial delivery and exploit stages, and don’t see the lateral movement of the attack across the network, subsequent access of critical systems, harvesting of data, or exfiltration.
  • NTA tools detect anomalous network behavior, but without any context of how malware and malicious actors operate, they generate too many false positives that require extensive investigation by your under-resourced security team.

Lastline Defender™ prevents data exfiltration by providing complete visibility of every stage of the attack chain. We created a unique approach to detecting advanced threats where our AI learns from both anomalous network traffic in your environment and malicious behaviors.

Lastline Defender analyzes both traffic crossing your perimeter and traffic moving laterally in your network. It delivers unmatched awareness and visibility of advanced attacks:

  • The initial email or web-based attack attempting to compromise a single system to initiate the attack chain
  • Asset discovery as it looks for more systems to compromise or data sets to harvest
  • Lateral movement as it spreads across your network
  • Anomalous behavior of compromised systems, including personal devices and IoT devices
  • Internal data transfers as the attackers prepare for data exfiltration
  • External command & control (C&C) communication and transfer of data
Major Card Processor Turns to Lastline For More Accurate Threat Detection and Response
Criminals target financial firms with sophisticated attacks designed to harvest credit card data. Read how this major card processing firm uses Lastline to improve detection before a data breach.
Case Study