IoT Security Risks

The rapid growth of web-enabled devices in enterprise networks presents several Internet of Things security challenges, including:

The risk of malicious activity related to IoT devices is not something that may happen in the distant future – a recent Gartner study found that nearly 20 percent of organizations observed at least one IoT-based attack in the last three years.

IoT Security as an Afterthought

IoT devices suffer from poor security for the following reasons:

Poor Security Standards

There has been little agreement on a wide range of issues, such as identity and access management, encryption, network security, data privacy, and digital signatures.

Firmware Vulnerabilities

Many IoT device manufacturers fail to ensure the firmware running on their devices is free from vulnerabilities. And even if a vendor releases a new version of the firmware, you may not be able to patch all devices.

No 3rd-Party Resources

IoT device security is also a challenge due to the lack of computing resources for third-party agents, which is a result of the fact that they were not designed with that use case. This design approach prevents you from improving the security posture of an insecure device.

BYOD v2.0

Like our experience a decade ago with “BYOD,” IoT devices will likely disrupt your network security strategy. A primary source is your employees, who may not follow a standard onboarding process for new IoT devices. The result will be unknown devices running unknown software, collecting and sharing unknown data on your network.

Secure Your IoT Devices

The Lastline Defender™ Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform safeguards your network from malicious activity related to Internet of Things devices.

The traditional approach of relying on signature-based network detection does not work when applied to detecting compromised IoT devices. And, more importantly, just inspecting traffic crossing your perimeter will miss compromised devices that are communicating with other systems inside your network.

Lastline Defender protects your network from IoT-related security challenges. It analyzes network activity to detect malicious anomalies indicative of a compromised IoT device that is attempting to move laterally within your network.

Our software uses a combination of four complementary AI-powered technologies to deliver Internet of Things security and block both known and unknown attacks targeting IoT devices:

Most AI-based network security products implement only NTA and some threat intelligence. These probabilistic approaches lead to many false positives. Lastline Defender is different. Ituses AI that is automatically trained both on network traffic and malicious behaviors. This unique combination enables deterministic detections and minimizes false positives.

Take the worry out of IoT security with Lastline Defender. It delivers the highest fidelity insights possible into threats entering or operating within your network, including those resulting from compromised IoT devices.

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