Attacks Are Increasing Against Cloud Workloads

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environments such as AWS and Azure are under attack. The complexity of migrating public cloud workloads into a shared responsibility security environment leaves organizations with critical gaps in their cloud security. Bad actors target public clouds as they know these often have weaker protection than on-premises data centers.

Attackers employ a range of techniques to bypass AWS security and Azure security capabilities and penetrate your public cloud infrastructure ultimately harvest your data. Attackers:

Target your servers in public subnets in your virtual public cloud (VPC) in AWS or virtual network (VNet) in Azure

Exploit a misconfigured server with open ports to gain a foothold in your Internet-facing assets

Elevate privileges and performing reconnaissance to identify higher-value targets

Move laterally to find servers in your private subnet that you thought were safe (because they do not have a route to the Internet)

Exfiltrate financial information, personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data.

Secure Your Workloads

The Lastline Defender™ Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform improves overall cloud workload security and augments native AWS security and Azure security capabilities. It delivers unmatched visibility of advanced threats in both your internal and external public cloud traffic.

You can deploy Lastline Defender to protect your public cloud workloads without the need to deploy agents or collectors. In addition, Lastline Defender is the only native cloud Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform in the AWS Marketplace.

On-Demand Webinar: Don’t Let Cyber Threats Jeopardize Your Cloud Transformation

Dr. Christopher Kruegel, Lastline Co-founder and CPO, discusses the shortcomings of traditional cloud security solutions and how Network Detection and Response is more effective at protecting public cloud workloads.


Deployment Flexibility

To prevent data exfiltration, you need the ability to see both the initial stages of an attack on an asset in your public cloud and the subsequent lateral movement as it spreads. Lastline Defender gives you multiple options for deploying Lastline Sensors for comprehensive threat detection and response.


Prevent inbound attacks against vulnerable applications and services. Lastline Defender delivers full packet (DPI) visibility into any malicious content in the ingress/egress (“north/south”) traffic between the Internet and your cloud workloads.

VNet Analysis (Azure)

Delivers full packet (DPI) visibility into any malicious content in the ingress/egress (“north/south”) traffic between the Internet and your cloud workloads, as well as traffic within the VNet (“east/west”) for network anomalies, connection anomalies, and data transfer anomalies.

VPC Flow Log Analysis

Analyzes VPC flows for network anomalies, connection anomalies, and data transfer anomalies, and blocks efforts to exfiltrate data.

Lateral Traffic and Content Inspection

Inspects traffic between VPCs (“east/west”) as well as within a VPC for malicious content, such as when an attacker scans for other workloads or connects to unusual ports.

Automate Response

Lastline Defender makes your existing cloud security technologies, staff, and processes more effective by being able to integrate with your existing security controls and workflows. You can rely on Lastline Defender’s high-fidelity insights to automate threat response and eliminate time-consuming manual investigations of anomalous activity and potentially malicious files and links in cloud and on-premises traffic:

  • Deploy Lastline Sensors in blocking mode to stop malicious content and communication, at the perimeter or on internal segments
  • Integrate Lastline Defender with your third-party products such as SIEM, SOAR, endpoint protection and firewalls, custom applications, and incident response workflows throughout your organization
  • Use built-in integrations offered by our technology partners or use our robust APIs to enable your existing security controls to automatically send unknown objects for analysis and receive actionable threat intelligence in return

Learn more about using Lastline Defender to protect your public cloud workloads.

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