Every industry has its specific security challenges. Lastline helps customers across them all to defeat sophisticated threats.

Lastline has customers in nearly every vertical market, including transportation, banking, insurance, financial services, utilities, technology, manufacturing, federal and local government, education, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, restaurants and food services, and media. Every industry has security challenges, and here are some examples of how Lastline software protects our customers in just a few of these industries.

Financial Services

Financial services organizations look to Lastline to significantly enhance their defense-in-depth security strategy for both on-premises and cloud environments, strengthen the perimeter, and detect the anomalous behavior that indicates an attack is active inside the network.  Learn More.


Healthcare providers are looking to Lastline to secure sensitive data, improve the productivity of short-handed security teams, and prevent data breaches that could compromise quality of care and increase compliance risk.  Learn More.


Telcos depend on Lastline Defender’s unmatched accuracy to detect the advanced threats targeting their on-premises and cloud data centers. Defeat attacks that interfere with the availability of critical infrastructure and emergency services, endangering customers’ welfare and incurring significant regulatory penalties.  Learn More.

Online Gambling

Online gambling organizations rely on Lastline Defender’s AI-powered network security to stop the attacks that can lead to identity theft, account fraud, and breaches of heavily regulated data such as customer banking information.  Learn More.