Protecting the High-Stakes World of Online Gambling

Online gambling organizations are at risk of data breach due to the high volume of financial activity where millions or billions can pass through their systems over the course of a year. They are at risk of identity theft and account fraud as well as large data breaches of heavily regulated data like customer banking information. With the online gambling industry being extremely competitive, organizations are also very concerned over any potential for damage to brand image and customer loyalty as a result of a successful attack.

Bad actors often target the systems of employees of gambling organizations as a way to gain a foothold in the network and steal credentials with which to gain access to high-value data. They also take advantage of the high volume of false positive security alerts that most security controls generate to hide their lateral movement once they gain that foothold.

Gambling companies often depend on perimeter and agents to secure their network, whether on-premises or in the cloud. There are limitations to both approaches:

  • Deploying perimeter security tools like a next-gen firewall (NGFW) or secure web gateway (SWG) to stop threats attempting to enter the network is not enough to prevent advanced threats from evading detection by those tools. Bad actors have a deep understanding of those tools’ detection techniques and can create threats that easily bypass them.
  • Deploying agents to stop any advanced threats once inside the network is also problematic because most rely heavily on signatures to detect malicious behavior targeting the endpoint. Unfortunately, most of the advanced threats Lastline detects are unique and not seen by any other vendor, meaning signatures don’t exist for those threats. Also, many critical systems do not have endpoints deployed on them and lack protection from advanced threats.

Perhaps most importantly, neither approach has visibility into the lateral movement of an attack once a bad actor has compromised a single device and starts moving laterally in search of the target systems or data.

Online gambling organizations rely on AI-powered Lastline Defender™ to deliver the detection and response to advanced threats attempting to enter or operate in their on-premises or cloud networks that their existing tools lack:

  • Integration with existing perimeter controls like NGFWs and web gateways to block malicious content targeting on-premises assets or cloud workloads
  • Deployment of Sensors within the perimeter or virtual private cloud to detect and stop lateral movement without generating a high volume of false positives and without deploying agents
  • Integration with a SIEM to provide high-fidelity visibility of entire attack chain across the entire network, significantly reducing the need for SOC team to spend hours investigating events