Use Network Detection and Response to Provide High-Fidelity Insights that Speed Remediation

Your security team faces many challenges as it attempts to respond to attacks and stop lateral movement of advanced threats:

  • Alert fatigue from a deluge of false positives and generic, isolated alerts
  • Low-fidelity assessment of the scope of the threat
  • Time-consuming manual investigation of suspicious activity
  • Inability to “connect the dots” to identify multi-faceted attack campaigns

Improve Incident Response with Network Detection and Response

Lastline Defender, a Network Detection and Response platform, combines multiple AI-powered technologies to not only detect all types of malicious activity crossing the perimeter and operating within your network, but also consolidate individual alerts into comprehensive incidents, focusing IR efforts and speeding remediation.

Lastline Defender generates an intrusion blueprint (see figure) of a threat as it moves laterally across your network, as well as a detailed timeline of malicious activity, which speed complete incident response.

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Using Automation to Speed Response

Lastline Defender generates the highest fidelity insights possible, giving your incident response team the accuracy it needs to automate aspects of your response protocols and eliminate time-consuming manual investigations of unknown objects and anomalous activity:

  • Deploy Lastline Sensors in blocking mode to stop malicious content and communication at the perimeter or internally, in both on-premises and cloud environments
  • Integrate Lastline Defender with your third-party products such as SIEM, SOAR, endpoint protection and firewalls, custom applications, and incident response workflows throughout your organization

When integrating with your other security controls, you have the choice of using built-in integration offered by our technology partners or using our robust APIs to optimize your current technologies, staff, and processes. Your security controls can automatically send unknown objects to Lastline Defender for analysis and receive actionable threat intelligence in return, before a threat can disrupt your business.

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