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Some of the most successful companies in the world have chosen Lastline for our proven ability to deliver the visibility, context, and integration they need to protect their networks from malware-based attacks.

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Dynamic Blueprint
of a Breach

Lastline’s Breach Protection Platform delivers complete breach visibility by generating a dynamic blueprint of movement of an attack. This insight decreases time-to-mitigation by showing you all affected systems, applications, and data sets as the breach moves across your network.

Our platform combines essential technologies to deliver complete breach visibility:

  • Advanced Malware Analytics with Deep Content Inspection™, Lastline’s industry-leading network-based malware detection to catalog every malicious behavior engineered into a piece of malware
  • Network Analysis of low-level events and network activity
  • Advanced Threat Analytics that provides global context for local activity in your network
  • Breach Analytics uses event correlation, machine learning and AI to identify relationships among what appear to be unrelated events from the breach
  • Breach Response generates a detailed dynamic blueprint of the breach that helps you respond quickly and effectively to breaches early in their lifecycle.
  • Integration with existing security controls and third party products to collect and receive information, enabling you to remediate breaches faster and improve the effectiveness of your current tools, technology, and staff

Armed with the best malware protection and advanced threat analytics, you can remediate breaches faster, with fewer resources and lower costs.

Unmatched Protection Against Malware-Based Attacks

Lastline has the most effective malware detection you can buy at any price, delivering the best malware protection available today. The foundation of Lastline’s Breach Protection Platform is our network-based malware detection technology, Deep Content Inspection™.

Deep Content Inspection interacts with the malware and deconstructs all malicious objects. It catalogs every malicious behavior engineered into the malware, giving you the visibility you need to instrument your network against the latest threats.

Alternative methods to malware detection, like OS emulation and virtualization, are fooled by sophisticated evasion techniques. They cannot interact with the malware and are easily bypassed, and therefore miss many advanced attacks. Deep Content Inspection, on the other hand, stays hidden from the malware and avoids being bypassed.

Lastline Breach Defender™ uses the same Deep Content Inspection technology as Lastline Enterprise™, our advanced malware detection product. Lastline Enterprise once again delivered 100% Security Effectiveness in the 2017 NSS Labs Breach Detection Systems group test. It detected every threat thrown at it during the rigorous test and was the top performer in both the 2016 and 2017 tests.

Better detection and fewer false positives means you can focus on the highest priority threats, and not spend your valuable time researching false alarms. You’ll be able to respond faster and more effectively to network breaches.

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Low TCO & Integration
with Your Existing Security Controls

The Lastline architecture gives you maximum breach protection while offering deployment flexibility and low TCO. We use a subscription model, with low user-based pricing, which enables you to deploy Sensors everywhere you need advanced threat analysis and protection against breaches. And, you can deploy Lastline Sensors on physical or virtual systems to monitor web, email, and network traffic to meet your unique requirements.

In the NSS Labs 2017 Breach Detection Systems group test, Lastline Enterprise delivered 100% Security Effectiveness and very low TCO. With such a low TCO, Lastline enables you to deploy comprehensive, advanced breach protection throughout your enterprise.

Lastline also integrate with your third-party products, incident response processes, and custom applications throughout your organization, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Your existing products can send unknown objects to Lastline for analysis and receive actionable threat intelligence with which to respond to breaches. You have the choice of using the built-in integration offered by our Technology Partners or you can use our robust APIs to optimize your current technologies, staff, and processes.

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Actionable Threat Intelligence

Lastline reduces the complexity of defending against malware-based network breaches. It delivers a complete dynamic blueprint of a breach for responding to new threats faster and more effectively. This blueprint eliminates the need to search out Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) from a wide range of devices from across your network and sort through and investigate myriad alerts, enabling you to focus on the most important activity.

Lastline Breach Defender also provides global context for any malicious activity detected locally in your network. With global context, you can quickly understand how activity on your network relates to malicious activity detected across Lastline’s global customer base, such as:

  • Any malware seen by Lastline customers that references an IOC discovered in your network
  • Any malware that targets a specific domain or URL
  • Industries affected by the attack

You can also use our real-time threat intelligence to create automated responses to severe threats. You can instrument your network to block the latest threats and update workflows immediately, using Lastline Sensors, built-in integration with our numerous Technology Alliance Partners, or our robust APIs.

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Global Threat Data

All Lastline customers and partners, through our Global Threat Intelligence Network, are immediately aware of any malicious object used to attack another member of our community. We curate a threat intelligence data lake that contains the malware characteristics and behaviors of every malicious entity analyzed by Lastline. It includes years of comprehensive malware data voluntarily submitted from customers and partners that is continuously updated and communicated to partners and customers as new threats (and new relationships among existing threats) emerge. This “network effect” significantly increases your detection accuracy and reduces the need for you to conduct your own threat research before responding. Our advanced threat analytics gives your team unparalleled context.

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