The Best Visibility & Intelligence

Detect and contain the sophisticated threats that others miss.

An example of the detailed list of malicious activity that Lastline Defender delivers.

Complete Threat Detection: Our unequaled malware analysis deconstructs every behavior engineered into an object entering via mail or web traffic. We see all instructions that a program executes, all memory content, and all operating system activity. This visibility enables us to accurately detect zero-days, ransomware, spear phishing, account takeover, and more.

Our intrusion blueprint shows every aspect of an attack, including all infected hosts, lateral movement, C&C communication, and more.

Unequaled Visibility: Our software provides visibility into every element of a cyber attack (see screen shot), including traffic crossing the network perimeter and traffic moving laterally inside your network. It achieves this by blending malware analysis, described above, with three additional, complementary AI-powered detection technologies:

    • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDPS) – Detects threats attempting to enter your network
    • Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) – Detects malicious activity operating within the network, leveraging our malware analysis to distinguish between malicious and benign anomalies
    • Global Threat Intelligence – We have the most comprehensive repository of threat behaviors and indicators of compromise, automatically updated and shared with all customers to speed detection of new attacks

Automated Response

    • We provide an intrusion blueprint, detailed timeline, detailed malicious behaviors and other insights needed to completely remediate an attack
    • Lastline automates protection by integrating with your third-party products, incident response workflows, and custom applications throughout your organization, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Existing security controls can automatically send unknown objects and websites to Lastline for analysis and receive actionable threat intelligence to automate response workflows.

Minimal False Positives: Our AI is automatically trained both on network traffic and malicious behaviors, enabling very accurate, deterministic detections and nearly eliminating false positives.

The Cloud – We Live There While Also Protecting It

A Cloud Native Platform

Lastline was developed from day one to operate in the cloud. While we also support on-premises deployments for customers who, for regulatory or other reasons must keep their data on site, most customers run Lastline in the cloud. A key result is that an attack on one results in improved threat intelligence for all.

Secure Your Workloads Regardless of Where They Live

We not only run in the cloud, we also protect your public cloud workloads. Use the same Lastline technology to protect cloud deployments, on-premises networks, and multi-cloud and hybrid environments, for improved threat detection and response regardless of where your data resides. For many of our customers, the detection and visibility we deliver means they spend less time investigating false positives and spend more time supporting strategic corporate initiatives such as securely migrating workloads to the public cloud.

Stay Ahead of Threats with Innovation that Grows with Your Business

Our founders are three of the leading security researchers in the world, with deep roots in network security, AI, and the cloud. Their deep understanding of applying AI to cyber security results in innovation that keeps us ahead of the threat curve.

The founders instilled a scientific approach to threat detection and containment that permeates the company today. This deterministic, research-based approach enables Lastline to stay one step ahead of the most sophisticated attacks.