Why Lastline


Unmatched Accuracy

Lastline detects the advanced malware in your network that other vendors miss.

Lastline Enterprise has demonstrated 100% accuracy & zero false positives in the most recent NSS Labs’ Breach Detection System Group Test. Dozens of integration partners and hundreds of the most successful companies in the world have also conducted their own independent evaluation of Lastline, and chose Lastline’s market-leading accuracy.

Lastline uses a unique isolation and inspection approach, Deep Content Inspection, to achieve this accuracy. This approach enables it to interact with malware and see everything a piece of malware does–it can’t execute a behavior that it can’t see. Alternative methods to malware detection like OS emulation and virtualization cannot detect sophisticated evasion techniques, cannot interact with malware, and therefore miss many advanced threats.

Global Threat Sharing

Any malicious object used to attack one member of our installed base is immediately known to all members of the Lastline community through our shared Global Threat Intelligence Network. This “network effect” significantly increases your detection accuracy and reduces the need for your incident response team to conduct its own threat research before responding.

Our Global Threat Intelligence Network contains the malware characteristics and behaviors of every malicious entity curated and analyzed by Lastline throughout the world.  It includes years of comprehensive malware data from customers and partners that is continuously updated and communicated to partners and customers as new threats (and new relationships between existing threats) emerge.

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Actionable Threat Intelligence

Lastline Enterprise reduces the complexity of defending against advanced threats. It delivers the complete attack chain visibility your incident response team needs to respond to new threats faster and more effectively.

Lastline Enterprise eliminates the need to search out Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) from a wide range of devices from across your network. The Lastline portal correlates the IoCs and indicators of attack (IOAs) into a complete attack chain, enabling your existing security team to focus on the most important events.

You can also use the real-time threat intelligence from Lastline Enterprise to create automated responses to severe threats. You can instrument your network against the latest threats and create new workflows, including blocking attacks immediately with your in-line security devices.

Affordable, and Integrates with Existing Security Infrastructure

With an extremely low TCO, Lastline enables you to deploy comprehensive malware detection throughout your entire enterprise. We use a subscription model, with low user-based pricing, which enables you to deploy sensors everywhere.  Our architecture also gives you maximum flexibility—you can deploy Lastline Sensors on physical and virtual systems.

You can also collect malicious objects from your existing security controls, including custom applications, throughout your organization, whether on-premise or in the cloud.  This flexibility gives you maximum visibility of malicious activity in your network and optimizes current technologies, staff, and processes.

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